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FREE Mumbai Community Card only uptil 9th May! May 6, 2010

Now if you are a shopper with a heart (A really big heart! Mind you!) You’ll know the benefit of a Loyalty Cards and how all that accumulation of points means more shopping. While my family does tell me that sometimes these schemes are just to make a nice FOOL out of you but I won’t buy it! I’d rather BUY and be a FOOL than not BUY and be a fool. If you know what I mean!

Mumbai Community Card!

Speaking of which, there’s a new card called the Mumbai Community Card that ensures you big savings and benefits. Iam sold already! Did you say savings? Now that’s something I really could do with. Some of the benefits for shoppers include!

  1. Points for shopping at partner merchant outlets.
  2. Points for ordering food via the helpline.
  3. Technicians to repair your appliances.
  4. Concierge and errand services at special rates.
  5. Personalized gifts for your loved ones.
  6. Log on to for more! You can also call them on their helpline and get your CARD DELIVERED. Just dial 022 67424242


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