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T – Zone May 6, 2010

Pic courtesy: Tappu ki Dukkan, Mumbai

Pic courtesy: Tappu ki Dukkan, Mumbai

Off late I’ve been fulfilling the desires of my T-zone ! Well, not the term that you know in the world of skin care; but I’d like to believe that I coined this term to name the desire of t-shirts! I have picked up a whole lotta T-shirts lately. I got some customized ones too. But a favourite of mine is this Neil Dantas t-shirt with “Bus Kya” written on it! I picked it up from the quirky gift store Tappu Ki Dukkan. (Scan my blogs to read more on this one!) Now, if you are a Mumbaikar, you need no explanation for this term and if you’re not, you need to be here in this Maximum City and find out what it means. Its quirky. Its fun. Don’t believe me? Bus Kya?


2 Responses to “T – Zone”

  1. saloni Says:

    my god. i want, want! where is this tappu ki dukaan?

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Hey Saloni! Here’s the address: Location:
      27-A, Kermani Building, Mezzanine floor, Glass door through Saxonia Spects, Sir P.M. Road, Fort, Opposite Citibank and on the first signal after The Bombay Store
      022-22043716/ 9820477869
      Mon – Sat:
      11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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