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Birthday Bummed May 9, 2010

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Pic courtesy:

My birthdays are most important to me. They are more important to me than the elections, the budget, the IT returns and if I may say, even the war! If someone comes between me and my birthday than I can safely say they are not exactly friend material. I may not hold any thing against them but I will not make them part of my celebration that’s for sure. My birthdays to me mean my dreams. They are all the things I want to be and want to do. Not necessarily materialistic but they have to be beautiful. It’s the one day I expect everything that’s good, great, girly and larger than life. I do believe in living in the moment everyday and make the most of it but Birthdays should be bigger. Isn’t it why we celebrate them in the first place? And if you wanna be my birthday spoiler and don’t want to indulge me on my birthday, back off buddy. Sorry for the aggression but am kinda bummed today and yes because people didn’t respect my idea of my birthday and I can adjust and be silent and take all the stuff in the world and fight it without uttering a word but if you start to take my birthday a little less seriously than I do, boy oh boy! There’s hell to pay mister/miss/mrs, whoever you maybe. I feel a little miffed now but I know I will be back to being my bouncy self in a bit! You know what am going to go climb the loft and get my Hoola Hoop out! Its brand new and I have been waiting to use it. What a perfect way to cheer me?

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2 Responses to “Birthday Bummed”

  1. dogsmom Says:

    I was so tempted when I saw one at resale shop last week. DH laughed at me.

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      You gotta get one! It’s the coolest thing and it never gets old. You can do it at 15 or 50!

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