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Grumpy n Groggy? May 10, 2010

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Kool CHICK start!

Monday is here again and you feel like you are more in pain! I have the perfect remedy. Let me give you a “Jump-start” to your week! While your strong cuppa coffee may be doing its bit, I feel my tips may be a wee bit healthier than that for sure. Monday has a great way to get us down and out. Deadlines not met. Trains missed. Aah the panic to get to work! But you know what today I decided, my Monday is gonna move! It’s going to be smooth! I am going to make a rocking start to my week. And here’s what I did. I made a list of all the chores I wanted to do (The fun ones) and I put it all down on a rough sheet of paper, put on my sling bag, packed off my work files into a big satchel and set out bright and early. Well, what I did all day, whole lotta stuff including a new haircut some great TLC ok just TC at the salon!

From Grumpy n Groggy Girl to BRIGHT SUNSHINE BABE!

– Feel Good Stuff:

Keep a big teddy-bear or your cuddly next to you. Don’t feel like rising with the sun, just give it a WARM BIG HUG and it’ll HUG you right back! Better still, married or living in? Cuddle up with your better half and plant a kiss on their cheek and watch them sleep in peace. Perfect kick-start to a day of mush…(It works! Believe you me) If you have a long distance love, send them a text message in the morning and let them wake you up instead of your daily alarm and see how the day goes.

– Parlor Pamper: Missing your clean up appointments and manicures can make you feel low. Oh! You have no idea how low! Get that bounce in your hair back and get your nails colored bright and lime green if you please. Do a drastic and dramatic change in your appearance if your work allows you. Get a tattoo or a piercing! Aah! Can things get any brighter now?

– Do other stuff! Ditch work and do a whole lotta other stuff that you’ve been planning to do. Like getting those photographs developed or buying yourself a good book to read, sorting out old clothes and giving it to the needy, paying your bills, just sitting at a coffee shop and sipping coffee while you write down your thoughts! Sending a hand written note to an old friend and reconnecting with people you’ve lost touch. You know, we ignore the power of this kinda stuff but trust me if you send out a littttttttle bit good in the world, you are sure to get a lot more back! Cycle of Karma? What I do regularly that makes me feel that I lead a full life? I visit my grand parents often. I just hang there. I just sit around and let them talk about their day while I just slip in my little bits in between. Old people need younger ones to give them the gift of time. And I come back all pepped up and feeling good! Another thing I do is be around children, how can you possible feel dull and old and all tired and bored when your job involves teaching 8 year olds? Yea. Iam one lucky lass!

Work and city life can bog you down but am sure you will find your own ways to cheer you up! You are a smart girlie you! So which of these worked for you? Did you try any? Or do you have your own magic mantra perhaps I could learn from? I’d really like to hear from you. XXOO


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