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Love n Mush! Blush. Blush. May 13, 2010

Mushy Girl

I could sit with a big tub of ice-cream and pudding with strawberries and chocolate sauce, cuddled up with my spouse or alone or better still with my girlfriends and watch Love stories right from my mothers time to the latest ones on my pretty pink plasma and not get up even if there was a natural disaster. I would stare at the screen and be a sob when its a touchy scene, I’d still be a sob when its a happy scene because then its happy tears time. I adore love stories! Get the point?

I hate love stories!
I hate love stories!

I love “love stories”! I think they have a way of making you believe in a fairy tale world. And am a girl remember plus am a “GIRLIE GIRL” which makes like more sappy and emotional than a normal girl.  Iam really looking forward to some love stories this year.  I want to see “AYESHA” starring Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol and then there is Anjana Ajani with Ranbir and Priyanka. However, my most awaited is “I hate love stories”. Here’s a pic of the awesome dawsome couple! And Sonam’s wearing pink! I love you girlie!


One Response to “Love n Mush! Blush. Blush.”

  1. Divaa Divine Says:

    i loved Abhay for sure and I still do

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