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Very Chic. Vero Moda. May 13, 2010

Diya Mirza@Vera Moda, Palladium

Diya Mirza@Vera Moda, Palladium

Every time Iam at Palladium there’s a new store opening up! Not that Iam complaining but I wonder whether its got to do with me or because its a new mall and new stores are bound to open up Hello! Anyway, so the last time I showed up there which was like a week ago, there was Vero Moda opening up. Now, I did go and take a close look at the stuff (Its a new store, I couldn’t help it. I had to snoop around) and I found the collection to be very similar to that of Jack and Jones. It was certainly a good assortment of smart casuals and grunge with some boho thrown in but a lot like Jack and Jones. Did you find that too? Anyway, I did find the store extremely spacious and well planned. What’s more? I managed to capture the dazzling Diya Mirza looking pretty in pink. She was completely unaware of me taking this picture as I was an inch away from her!

Vero Moda, Palladium, Mumbai

Vero Moda, Palladium, Mumbai

If you happen to be at Phoenix Mills, do give Vero Moda a shot and tell me what you think!


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