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Shop. Party. Work. Vacation! May 15, 2010

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Now being a city girl and leading that beep-button-fb-twitter cappucino on the go life is not easy. Let me share what I’ve been upto since yesterday. Had a class for kids in the morning, left for Palladium to meet a friend, showed her around, got her all mall happy, picked up some magazines from Landmark (had many loyalty points accumulated, love the redeeming part), got the basic stationery from Staples, left for a meeting at iDiva readers meet at the Times of India (This was fun!) took a cab from Sobo to the burbs, reached home, grabbed a bite, exchanged a few words with my sisters, refreshed and changed and soon it was time to be at a friend’s cocktail party at Caprice in Juhu! Reunite with long lost lasses, chat about all girlystuff, get super happy, dance n sing and do all girly things, get yourself to get home and then get yourself to go to bed!

Day 2.

Wake up. Gobble down the scrambled egg, shove some apples down my throat, drink half cuppa tea and run off for a meeting at BKC. Head out to the Inorbit Mall at Vashi, do all the coverage of stores and events, shop a little (that can’t stop right. Spotted and bagged some pretty stuff from Accessorize! Log on to for some blissful moments) pester an auto rickshaw guy to get you to the station as you have 3 bags each in one hand and all of them have heavy girly machinery; get off, grab another cuppa coffee, some how get yourself to enter, sit and get comfy in the train; soak in the sweltering heat and return to CST. Head to Colaba, do banking, buy ferry tickets at Gateway and deal with a jerk whose trying to get too close; finally heave a sigh of relief that you will now go blog, email clients and your internet stuff. Land at the cybercafe only to find that it closed too early. Lucky, the next one down the road was open. After a hectic weekend, I await my vacation as the Monday blues are nowhere near me….

P.S. It may not sound all that crazy but in the sweltering heat of summer, you have no idea! But girly loves her work so she always has a smiling heart at the end of the day even if her brand new haircut may look like a mop and she will look all tired and dreary, its what inside that counts 🙂 Right ?


2 Responses to “Shop. Party. Work. Vacation!”

  1. zahra Says:

    love the bag! love this piece! 😀 love your blog!

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Oh! You gotta check out this place called Accessorize at Inorbit Malad and Vashi and also at Atria and Palladium. Its totally your kinda stuff ! 🙂

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