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Power napping with PINK PILLOW! May 19, 2010

uSnooz Neck Pillow,

uSnooz Neck Pillow,

Well, there’s more than just the pink to this pillow! It’s the special uSnooz Neck pillow from OSIM designed to comfort and relax you when you snooze. Now, am not really sure how important your snooze time is to you but boy! But Iam likely to do everything and more to make my sleep time comfortable and cozy. I’ll go all out to put on that eye mask, shut the curtains tightly and leave no room for even  the smallest ray of the sun to pierce through it; keep the noise out, spray some pillow mist and even gulp down a hot cup of cocoa to get myself in good shape to snooze! With uSnooz, you know you will be taken care of and comforted each time you want to take that quick energizing power nap. Bid good bye to stiff necks and put on your pink pillow when you want to snooze in silence and dream of all that’s pink, pretty and perfect!


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