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Beach Babe alert! Girlie things to do on a beach! May 20, 2010

I love beaches! God knows I do. Iam a tropical girl rather than someone who will trek up a mountain. No no, I got the stamina and more to do adventurous stuff on the hilltop and all that. Girl power remember? But I feel there’s so much more to do on a beach right? From high adrenalin rush water sports to simply just being there and being Miss Little Sunshine and soaking up the sun and the sand! Beaches are truly meant for a girl to unwind!  Next time you are hitting the beach, here’s what to do!

Girl Gear!

All that’s floral, all that’s feminine! Paint the world pink, yellow and blue with your flip flops, beach shorts, cap and even a chic beach bag. You are a girl, you can get all pretty when you hit the beach. Keep it casual but get the “girlie” on!

Game it girl!

Hitting the beach? Make it a fun time for you and your friends or family! Pack in loads of games. Get a ball on board, hoola hoop is one of the most fun things to take on the beach! Let the world know that girls just don’t wanna have fun, they wanna have loads of it!

Come alive!

Get constructive! When I say that I mean, build your sand castle and pose with it! I mean lets face it most of us girlies wont get a real castle but we do have dreams and we can build our very own sandy one. So go ahead, bring on the beach kit with the rake, bucket and spade, dig in and build on! Heading to the mall before that beach trip, putting the beach construction kit in the shopping cart would be highly recommended.

Swing n sway!

Many beaches have trees on the side and if you like to simply sway with the breeze, taking a portable hammock with you is spectacular idea! Pack it off in your beach bag and get some help to tie it tightly unless you want to literally sway away. Get a good book or simply don those shades and relax in style! Feeling “Hammock Happy” already?

Love Dove

On a deserted beach? Get yourself special someone to write something sweet for you on the sand while you sit right next to it and pose for a pretty picture! It will be a moment you will cherish forever. In turn, you too can write your own little message for him on the sand.

All in all, have a whale of a time! Get wet! Get sun soaked! Go searching for pretty shells, do all the wild, unpredictable and exciting things that make your beach vacation memorable, fun and of-course “girlie” if I haven’t said that already! 🙂


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