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This one won’t burn “holes” in your pocket! May 20, 2010

Now I love Rabbits! I also had one as a pet. He was called Angel. More about him later! So whether its battery operated toy Rabbits moving frantically on counters at Hamleys  or even a store that calls itself “Rabbit Hole” I will go and discover it! Here I was at newly opened quaint and quiet, tucked away in Juhu lane store (not easy to locate mind you!) Would be happy to have arrows and boards leading to the Rabbit Hole! Or perhaps a fun treasure hunt and then you get prizes in the end inform of clothes. As always Iam pushing it. So you enter Rabbit Hole and its all lemony and pretty. It’s a small place but uncluttered. It’s got scrambled merchandise with clothes, bags, jewelery, cakes n cookies et al. What’s unique? The clothes are very flower power generation! I like! From Simpsons to Bob Marley, you will find it all in the Rabbit Hole. Look out for their tunics and beach wear. Very classy yet very “girlie”! None of the common Bangkok stuff, all the clothes here are the brainchild of Ahana Deol (daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra) but I can safely say that she has what it takes to create original, understated, yet quirky and fun attire for us girls! Soft and sheer, the clothes are very wearable, nothing OTT.  As the story goes, Ahana’s collection is a reflection of the 60’s through transcendental dreams. Expect to lay your hands on crazy , daisy or lazy dresses. utility waist coats, beaded Hemp necklace’s, anklets, and wrist bands! T-shirts start at Rs 500 whereas a tunic in this bunny hole is about Rs 1200 onwards.

The Goodies!

There’s also WSD(Welfare of Stray Dogs) and Green Peace merchandise proceeds of which go to the respective NGOs. Pick me up Milo’s range of  natural oils bath salts and quirky waist pouches among other things lie beautifully in this hole all waiting to be taken home! Like a perfect Rabbit Hole, it throws in a bit uv everything. I particularly like the photographs Nathan Rao and Karan Kapadia, perfect way to accessories your closet!

How girlie found her way to the Rabbit Hole!

All in all, Rabbit Hole is literally a “Rabbit Hole” that’s not easy to find. But if you are near Juhu Gymkhana or Amitabh Bachchan’s old bungalow Prateeksha, you have to hit the 12th road, Juhu Scheme (Not 12th Gulmohar Road Juhu) and ask for Jaihind Society or Hema Malini’s bungalow and you will be able to locate it easily. Other landmarks: Natural’s Ice-cream, Crepe Station

Locate the hole on Facebook!!/group.php?gid=117651231587958&ref=ts


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