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Full Marks! & Spencer May 21, 2010

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M&S Shopping experience = FULL MARKS!

Let’s talk straight! No beating around the bush. You are a customer. A discerning one. You scoop out the best deals, you save every penny (ok every other penny) You want to look good, you try different pairs of jeans for hours until you stumble upon the best bet. You care because you work hard and you hope that the store that you buy from also cares as much. Although, I can count the no. of stores on my fingers that truly  are concerned about after sales service, I can proudly say that “Marks & Spencer” is one of them.

“I have changed my mind about Marks & Spencer”

I used to think they are only nice to all the people who splurge here or perhaps the celebs and elite but that’s really not the case. Customer is king! And they showed it to me recently…

I recently bought a low cost jeans from the Phoenix Mills store and in less than a month I found some threads coming off. I ran to them and told them to fix it. Not only they fixed it but their entire approach on how they handled the experience of a complaint was commendable. They were truly interested in what my problem and were keen to offer a solution with a pleasant smile.  And no am not a loyalty card member of their store and neither do I buy merchandise worth thousands of ruppees, but that’s not the point. As a customer, you know that assurance means everything and then living upto the promise means even more! I highly recommend M&S to all girlies and Iam confident they will treat you as special as you want to be treated.


3 Responses to “Full Marks! & Spencer”

  1. roopam Says:

    its a great post!!!would want you to get in touch!!

  2. dilipnaidu Says:

    M&S sure is living up to its motto – ‘Your M&S’. Thanks.

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