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Brandy or Breach Candy? May 25, 2010

Yes I too felt the same way after I saw this nail filer. Imagine traveling on an airplane or in the chaotic yet fun Mumbai local train with the radio plugged in one ear as you chat about the skies clear and all the shopping destinations you will hit in the near future and your hands are busy with this pink n pretty filer that’s going at lightning speed. You no longer care about missing that pedicure appointment for you have a more stylish companion for your fingers. It’s the nice n new nail filer you got! But the question is where did you get it from?

Cheap or Chic?  How about Cheap + Chic?

Now don’t get me wrong but if you give me a top that looks exactly like a Diesel top for much less am going to grab it eyes closed. I will ignore the quality, look over that teeny weeny defect and definitely be happy to settle for the less original looking logo. How about you? Would you shell out thousands of rupees for a branded tee or buy the same of high street?

The nail filer you see above is available for half the price at Premsons, Breach Candy in Mumbai whereas it costs Rs 595 at Grand Galleria, Phoenix Mills. Get the drift? So where will you buy it from?


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