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“Breeze through summer….” May 25, 2010

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Double Delights!

You know the thing about functional clothes? The detachable, the flexible folding? The ones that become a skirt and a jumpsuit or the jackets that become a cool t-shirt or smart party wear attire all with one zipper going up and down? I love this kinda stuff. I mean you’d rather buy one of these things than 2-3 different things and especially when you wanna pack light, they are so handy! When you have to head out from one place to another and get ready in minutes, what do you do? Well, you wear one of these and be a smart fashionista and waste no time.

Smart Shopper Alert!

It’s the sign of a truly smart shopper and packer to buy clothes that can work for more than one occasion. I would think so! And therefore I wanna show you this sweet as sugarcane dress by Anaka Narayan available at that can double up as a full length gown as well as a beach knee length dress! I think the dress is super fun!

What’s your thought? As you ogle and go ga ga over this one, do take a look at their entire Summer 2010 collectio on their website or better still on the

FB page!/pages/Brass-Tacks/182996783682?ref=ts


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