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Femina Nirvana Issue May 26, 2010

Ok there is a JOLLY GOOD REASON why I call it the Femina Nirvana Issue!

It’s got Abhay DEOL on the cover. Plus it has all the inside scoop on him where he tells all. Yea he literally does tell all. He also talks about how he ensured there was a rose in every room at any given time as his girlfriend loves roses… Awww. Now I knew he had serious boyfriend potential (Ermm what is serious bf potential? More on that later) from the time I laid my eyes on him. He’s got it all. The looks, the talent, the charm and “DEOL” factor!

Why Femina June ISSUE = Nirvana For you!

Well its got all the “Drool maal”  about men we long to have our walls plastered with. From Irfan Khan to Hrithik Roshan, they are all waiting for you to grab the copy and get a dose of their delightful dish. Iam not sure what this means but Iam sure you know what am getting at!

Soooo..errmm.. enjoy! 🙂


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