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Running into his EX ! May 26, 2010

EX – cuze me please!

Let’s face it, we all have a past. And your spouse too has one. You may know about it and you are ok to hear about it but things are not quite rosy when the “X” is whizzing by at a mall next to you or she shows up at the same theater for a movie. You are not really sure whether to acknowledge or ignore, whether to give a cold shoulder or be warm and friendly. I mean which road should you take and why? Should you and your spouse behave the same way or there is a freedom of choice here? Well, the situation is complicated and especially if you are uncomfortable with his X, it can be a bit uneasy to put it mildy. Well, here’s what to do if you want to flutter and breeze through the situation when you run accidentally in to the X!

– Fake it.

Now, the “Fake it” Mantra works at almost all situations where you don’t know what to do but here too it works like magic! Be all smiles like you are the all pleasant and all positive damsel and nothing perturbs you. Say hello quickly and carry on to the popcorn counter or to the movies. This way she is quite amazed at your positive and radiant demeanor yet she is clearly not expecting this so viola! You score brownie points in her head (not like you care) but she surely thinks highly of you and how you would be such a big hearted babe. You get it?

Be the cold shoulder chicka!

It’s one love, one life and you want to decide how you want to spend it. Whether she is expecting it or not, just walk through her. Look North and South when she is right next to you, pretend you are calling someone or better still dial someone on the phone and act busy. You don’t have to do anything you dont want to.  In all likelihood your spouse will understand the need for you to give his x no attention as men too are very uncomfortable around their partners ex-flames (generally they are) however if he doesn’t,  a confrontation is in order.

EX. Why?

You know there are many ex flames that feel the need to be greeted as if they were some long lost love and have been reunited. I mean why would you expect such a warm welcome when you know that you are greeting your ex flames wife or long time girlfriend. Just get used to not receiving attention from girls will you, the guys will continue to give you the eyes and all that, so settle with it. Why should we be all nice to you when our better halves are already taking care of that aspect? So get out of our way girlie as we are not going to join your fan page or click on your “like” button!

What’s your take on the Ex-factor? How do you deal with it? All girlies would love to know!


3 Responses to “Running into his EX !”

  1. Naina Says:

    Hi, First of all, let me tell you that I love your blog. It helps me spend some happy minutes after lunch at work. 🙂

    On to the topic…I think being friendly and breezy with spouse’s ex can be done only if they are respectful of your privacy and your relationship with your partner. If they are flirty or are generally known to still have feelings for your guy…then its totally understandable to pluck their eyes out and sew them as buttons on your fridge magnet. 😀

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