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Bindass girlie! May 27, 2010

Period drama”

You know that you can’t wear light colors. You will most likely just cover it all up in a dark colored jeans or be even more safe and tie a sweater around you. Wearing a dress is like committing suicide. Well, let’s face it for many women the 5 days are more challenging, painful and dreadful than they are for most of us; and if there is anything that can help to ease the pain – we welcome it with open arms. I recently came across Adira and am quite keen to try it out. Adira is basically this dark colored leak proof, boxer fit, breathable that will ensure you protection and coverage.

Imagine wearing this and forgetting about stains completely? I can totally relate to this. Do you? You can see more info on Adira on

What’s more? You can order this online or see their website to see if its available at a store near you. Go girly Go!


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