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“NO EXCHANGE” at the store? Call the cops! May 28, 2010

The FOREVER NEW Shopping Stew!

So here I was at the mall and scooping through the new collection at Forever New store. You know I really didnt plan to go to this store but something told me that I should. And here I come and find myself amid a shopping incident that took place. The story goes… A girl purchased a top before her birthday and brought it back two days after it and when she wanted to return it because it was not her size it was smelling terrible! It was not sweat or body odour it was some kind of acid or petrol or something very strong like a chemical! Now the store refuses to accept the garment naturally! So this girl sends her father with the cops!!!! HOLY MOLY! And apparently Princess Layla or whoever she maybe has not done this the first time. The moment the father and cops left the store, the girls at the store laughed their heart out as they discussed and said to each other “HOW CAN SOMEONE CALL THE COPS TO EXCHANGE A TOP”? Crazy lady I say.

While the staff at the store politely and persistently held their ground and told the father that nothing can be done and they have tried their best, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the store had actually made a blunder?

P.S. FOREVER NEW has received amazing collection of stolles although, go after two weeks when the fresh stock arrives in clothes too!


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