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Why “Every girl” must watch KITE May 29, 2010

Don’t listen to the critics, reject the reviews, grab your partner and go watch Kites for its one of the most passionate, beautiful, thrilling Bollywood entertainers you would have seen in a long long time.

Go Girl Ogle!

While your partner can swoon and croon at the Lovely Mexican Maven Barbara Mori, you too have some interesting company for the next few hours.

Jr. Roshan is Greek God period! If you want to know the Indian version of your very own TDH (Tall Dark Handsome) Greek God, Hrithik Roshan is what you get closest to and you are really not complaining. I mean come on. He never looked better. If this is what fatherhood does to you, we want more fathers in this world. We love the bronze skin, the unkept locks, the incorrigible attitude, oh we are all sold at that one glance! Dont even get us started on that buff and chiseled body of his.

Love will find a way!

When you fall in love, you transcend all boundaries of caste, culture, religion, language and even nationalities. Linda and Jay fell in love even when they couldn’t understand and communicate in the same language. It was love that kept them going and nothing else.

Kites is not just about love but tremendous sacrifice. Its about keeping your partner happy, safe, secure while you dont know what you might have to experience and undergo to ensure the same. The movie is heightened love, drama and stuff that real love stories are made of, not the ones that we call it quits on FB and BB.

Burning Passion

The awesome twosome share sizzling chemistry on screen. They smile and you are melting. They hold hands and your wings pop out of your back. Their mere presence on every screen means magic. I really couldnt care about critics crying about lack of chemistry and only presence of Biology. You feel for the love birds when you are watching and its not just a chick thing.

P.S. I was convinced with all the bad reviews and ratings until I went and saw it myself !


2 Responses to “Why “Every girl” must watch KITE”

  1. Naina Says:

    Well, everyone is entitled to their personal opinion. I rarely watch hindi movies, but saw this one the day it was released as it was sponsored by office. I hated it. Never saw a more poorly executed film. Even an ardent film student like me could not stop cursing the producers loudly during the screening. No storyline, no chemistry….just senseless photographic shots one after another.
    I think you loved it because you must be in love. 🙂 Mush does it to people.

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