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Ribbons. Bows. Woes. May 31, 2010

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Pink n bow! Gift Box

Pink n bow! Gift Box

You know am often told in the family that I pick up things just for the sake of it but I beg to differ. When there is an occasion and we need to give someone a gift and everyones rushing and struggling for a gift wrapping paper or that fancy bag or box, am the one to the rescue always! Time and again, there is witness to show that my bows, ribbons and labels have saved the occasions. So here we go again! Recently I was commissioned to get my grandfather boxes to store his medals and I got some extra boxes too; ofcourse I knew he wouldnt need them! But isnt the box simply gorgeous and handy? I mean you can give a friend anything in it. From clips to tiny trinkets, even a small hand written note, anything absolutely anything small and pretty!

So these boxes are from a store called Satyam at Churchgate station (They have a loyalty program btw)


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