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Smooth “SALE”ING! June 30, 2010

It’s that time of the year again! Grab your purses, break the shopping funds, give the morning maid a holiday and vrrrrrooom of to a shopping spree. And dont feel guilty because you earned it! For all the days you have been wanting that lbd, for all the burgers you have been skipping and the coke you have been missing. The hard days of work, the big savings means that you’ve been a good girl and its time to reward yourself. Really now, stop being such a bore and go ahead and see what’s IN STORE ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aah for once I dont mind the cell beeping oh so often because its the sale messages coming in. So here’s what I have for you!

THE WESTSIDE SALE starts at 9am on 2nd July! HIT THE STORES!

FCUK too opens its doors today with special previews and goodie deals galore! More masala on Mumbai sales coming up! XXOO


Send her an angel! Right NOW.

Heart Frame!


Toy Pillow!Cutsie Girl Gifts. So there’s always stuff that I see and I love and I want to share and here I go again! Cutsie things that you can pick and gift your girlfriends. A photo frame is something that’s never out of style, out of sight or mind. All you have to do is go and pick out that perfect picture memory of you and her, cut it to size and place it in this gorgeous frame!

Angels n Miracles! How we love an angel entering our life. They are always welcome. We could always do with an angelic figure so here goes, send your friend an angel she really needs from you now!

Cuddle n hug! You know how that hug is always such a healer. One big cuddle with the Teddy and your fluffy pillow at night and all your troubles are far behind. How about a Teddy cum pillow that she will never let out of her sight? Awesome eh? I swear, I could so get these gifts for myself right now but am going to take a deep breath and not be such a shoppaholic for once! But you know me ๐Ÿ™‚


Linen it up! June 24, 2010

Linen Club is launching “The impeccably white” contest and you can WIN BIG!

Join their FB page for more gyan and goodies!!/LinenClub


Candyfloss. Glam. Gloss!

Blame it on the weather or me being a hopeless romantic but I really cant wait to see these Bollywood movies hit the big screen. Could 2010 be clearly the year for Candyfloss flicks? I mean just look at theย  line up. There is “I hate love stories” then there is “Aisha” and “Milenge Milenge.…” the list is endless.

We love Candy + Floss!

Girls and Candy Floss. The bond is old, long and strong. Its almost inseparable. Dont ask us why because you will never be convinced with our reply. We can cry our heart out watching romantic mush for hours and we’ll still tell you how we thought it was a great movie and that we’ll watch it with you all over again!ย  We love the emotion and exaggeration, the melodrama and meltdown, the love and longing and we can never get enough of it. We thrive on it! We love the gloss in these candy floss flicks. The clothes, the locations, the ott outfits of actresses on mountain tops in stark contrast with the existing weather locations. So here are the candyfloss flicks that Iam going to book way in advance for!


If its not for the two hotties (Abhay and Sonam) and the name of the movie, it would have to be for the fact that Sonam la dee dah Kapoor is playing the role of a wedding planner in the movie. Now, the story does become somewhat predictable but dont you wanna see the chemistry on screen when firebrand Sonam Kapoor is poised to perfection infront of our charming Abhay! Bring on the caramel popcorn and samosa, am not budging from the movie screen even for a minute.

I hate love stories!

Puneet Malhotra’s debut may or maynot set records straight at the box office but that doesnt take away from the fact that it has two young, aspiring, attractive and adorable onscreen couple Sonam and Imran saying the most cutsie and sweetsie nothings to each other! Iam hooked. Sonam + Imran = I wanna watch!

Milenge Milenge

Blast from the past this one is. If you loved the Shahid Kareena Jodi and still harbour a teeny weeny wish that they end up together, this movie might show you what the end result would look like. Now am not quite sure why the movie releases now and what the hype is about but am loving it! I dont want to let this chance go by to catch two of our most attractive, talented and young Bollywood rockstars romancing each other in an out and out hindi flick!


“Mumbai Local” June 21, 2010

“You are fast and fun

When I really have to run !

You never say NO!

When am really on the GO!

Taxis & autos refuse and don’t entertain

While you accept everyone with open arms & take all the pain!”

You are a girls dream come true

With shopping, gossip and food all rolled into one!

If I didn’t have you, I would have nowhere to run!

From my exams during college days to job hunting and night stays!

You’ve been there all along and you just get better, faster and strong!

The moment you are on strike, we are all so blue!

Oh Mumbai Local! There never was and never will be a train as fast,ย  as FUN, as FANTASTIC as you! ๐Ÿ™‚



Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

So what’s your poison? Tea or Coffee? I will be honest. I cant makeup my mind. You know somewhat like Julia Roberts in Runaway bride who doesn’t know the way she likes her eggs but then the difference is that she does figure out in the end but me I don’t. I still don’t know whether its tea or coffee for me. And I think its ok so long as I enjoy both! But I definitely crave for Coffee more but again that changes in the monsoon season when I want to have garam cutting adrak chai! With lots of adrak in it and a dash of elaichi too. Speaking of coffee, I have discovered some awesome Indian coffees that do it for me (you know what I mean, give me the adrenalin and keep me up for hours)! I mean these coffees seriously help me beat the grog in the morning and make me as fresh, peppy and pumped as a full blown cracker! You remember the Chipmunks in Alvin and the Chipmunks and what caffeine does to them. Well am a bit like that just that am a lot less shrieker. Sharing my coffee favorites with you!


This is a good ol favorite of mine again available at several places right from McDonald to major railway stations. At Rs 25/- you can expect to upbeat and alert for hours!

Fresh n Honest

Frothy, foamy n strong! I got hooked on to this one since I was in college. Well its nostalgic every time I grab a cup. Fresh n Honest is available at several places but I get my hot cuppa at Churchgate station usually for Rs 8/-

D’lecta CAF5

Iam totally loving this one! I discovered this at the baniya store next to G.D.Somani school in Cuffe Parade and now I spotted it being promoted and sold at Big Bazaar too. This one is like your train or plane coffe. It comes in a small kit with a stirrer, milk, sugar and coffee in small pouches and you can take it anywhere withย  you! All you need is hot water and your cuppa is ready.

Then there are the other all time favourites I have like BRU, Nescafe, Melosa etc. How about you? Do you swear by your java? Which one?


Krishna Bliss !

Krishna Bean Bag, Atmosphere Furnishings

Krishna Bean Bag, Atmosphere Furnishings

So I was down with the flu, well I still am. You know how those things come and they just linger on. A victim of prolonged sickness needless to say I have been more than feeling blue all these days. But some how my last few days have been a brighter shade of blue, if I can call it that! I have something to look forward to! Here’s what it is…

You know it was my husband’s birthday in April and I really wanted this bean bag for him from Atmosphere Furnishings and with all the other gifts I had planned out,ย  I somehow couldn’t fit this one in. Well, now I know life had its plans ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Recently, Atmosphere Furnishings ran a contest on their FB page and I being the contest queen had to enter! Viola! I ended up winning it too ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you believe it? I really cant get over it.

Now Iam completely convinced that when you want something so strongly for someone else, your wish is bound to come true. I get this beautiful bean bag delivered to my doorstep today! Iam so YAY! Iam so GAY! While you are ogling away at the bean bag, do visit their website and see all the other goodies they have to offer.

P.S. Wishes do come true! What are you wishing for today? ๐Ÿ™‚