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Birthday Bid June 1, 2010

GC Watches, Bella Class

GC Watches, Bella Class

Baby’s Big Birthday Plans.

Come Come! You too are a part of this ! 🙂 So am planning to have this Birthday Bid this year. Well my birthday is a few months away but like I said, a girls gotta plan and prepare and plan well so she leaves nothing out. So I have a list which goes on and on but I think its pretty realistic. To start with I need running gear which includes shoes, tracks, socks, long and comfy tees not the tight body hugging ones. I want to run and feel free not get a free feel you know! Then there are these 3-4 different kind of white shirts that I need and I definitely want! One that I can wear to a meeting, the other like a frilly thing to go with skirts, another one slightly elegant and formal perhaps long and the last one like a backup for the office shirt, this one can be half sleeve. Then I need these belts. I have never had good luck with belts.

Nautanki by Carina Advani

Nautanki by Carina Advani

And the list goes on…

I also need one more laptop. I know I just got one but the way I use it, Iam afraid it may not be able to shoulder my burden. So this time it will be a pink WAIO most likely unless girlie gets a better deal someplace else. I still havent managed to get long skirts that I love to live in! You can just wear them anywhere you know. But smart ones not dowdy grandma skirts please. Boots remember? I still have them on my list. Oh! I need watches. I always end up buying a watch on my birthday so a watch is a must buy and new clutches for formal outfits and weddings that will follow soon after my birthday.

I also must do triple piercing in the ear, a tattoo and get myself a gold anklet completely ignoring the fact that Hindus should not wear gold in their feet. Is that true? Do you believe that?

How does the BIRTHDAY BID work?

Well, like an auction of sorts. I have all these things I want and whoever is willing to give it to me like a present will put up their hand and put the item on the board and I shall say “SOLD” with a big smile on my face! I know my concept (not really mine mine) is more like a gift registry thingy but what the hell.

I do have a whole lotta other stuff like movie dvds, coffee machine et al. But I’ll save that for another post. So tell me girlies what do you think of my BIRTHDAY BID IDEA (big smile and raised eye brows excited look)?


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