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Mumbai Getaways! June 3, 2010

When in Mumbai, you know you need to getaway and you need to getaway often! Dont get me wrong. I love my job! And I will be working like till a minute before I bid good bye to the world but that still doesnt change the fact that I live in the busiest city in the country and perhaps one of the busiest in the world. While it maybe providing people with a lot of dream fulfilment its certainly not an ideal place when you want to unwind on a weekend. If you know what I mean. For me, weekends in Mumbai are more mayhem than the busy weekday. Its when not just the working population but even the kids and the housewives step to the fore and are looking for entertainment. Its crowded. Its packed to full houses and I want to scream! Its here when I want to put my foot down and I want to look up, look up hard for places I can rush to and rush back from. I found one recently.

Mumbai to Mandwa. Mandwa to Mahua Baugh!

Did I tell you about my recent awesome trip to a farm near Alibaugh? I bet I didnt. I have been busy doing so many things that I have forgotten to tell you about the best parts. But better late than never, here goes. Four of us (two couples) whisked away to Mahua Baugh farm in the mid of May. We took a ferry from the Gateway of India and then a ac cab from Mandwa all the way to Nandgaon and a little further, a one and half hour long smooth n bump free drive to the quiet and quaint farm owned by the Singhs. Six neat cottages, easy access to a desserted beach, a mango orchard, freshly cooked farm food and we were all excited about our summer holiday!

Replete with lush greenery and scenic views, we perched ourselves on the roomy balconies of our cottages where we had our aromatic evening tea with snacks and chatted about everything under the sun before it was time to hit the beach once again!

Food that gets you in the mood!

Freshly home cooked means when the veggies have been plucked n picked up straight from the farm, you know the food will be better than gourmet. Meals were served in open air where you could stuff all you want and then conveniently sink yourself into a hammock right next to you. With a a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian food and a  delectable sweet dish at the end, the food at Mahua was a lot better than we expected. What’s more, it felt like home, only a tad better. Since we visited during summer, while we were leaving, we were encouraged to take home a dozen mangoes and we could pick n pluck our own! That was surely the most exciting part of our farm stay! Fresh mangoes off the farm!

Mahua Musings

All in all, Mahua I reckon is much more breathtaking in the monsoon, although I promise the beauty all around is something you can enjoy and experience at anytime of the year. Are you planning to visit here too? You can see

Mahua Baugh is great for couples, friends or families even small companies that are looking for a silent getaway but dont want to do the five star resort stuff. If closer to nature is what you have in mind, here is a place that lets you do just that and be at ease. Pack off in a car and drive all the way to Mahua or wait until the monsoon gates open in October so you can do the sea route.

Girlie swears by this place and is sure to return! You too up for some Mahua fun?


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