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Rain Ready! June 6, 2010

Rainy Gum Boots, Tres Mode

Rainy Gum Boots, Tres Mode

Are you rain readyl Are you? Are you? Well I am beginning to think that Iam. And that’s somewhat because I spotted some cool rain gear yesterday at the mall and I might be wanting to bring back some of the goodies home. Yes, girlie has decided to be a tad stylish this time to welcome the rains. She is going to get her act together and not just wear any shoes. She’s gonna don the most chic ones that she gets her hands on but they wont just look good, they are gonna make her feel protected, comforted and completely water proof! So they must meet all the criteria to qualify for her rain gear. She also did spot some tall pink umbrellas but Rs 595/- at Ginger, Lifestyle was a bit too much considering she knows that she will definitely loose or break umbrellas; its like an annual thing that happens. It just happens. You don’t intend to lose or break them obviously Duh!. Like I once a girl pal and me left them at Cafe Mondegar after we were a few drinks down and this another time I forgot them on the BEST bus; But gum boots on the other hand will be in my feet, so spending something close to a fortune on them is still ok right? So these are the pairs that I spotted at Tres Mode yesterday and boy I love them !: )

Speaking of Tres Mode as a brand, don’t you think that they are tres stylish. Ever since they opened, I sure have picked some breathtaking designs from them and I still want to buy almost everything off their shelf. Whether its their gladiators or peach and plum colored strappy flats – its all quite good! What’s more? after wearing their pairs for over two years, their quality too is good place. So girly recommends Tres Mode! when you want to splurge and look like a fashionable femme!

Tres Mode is available in across all malls in Mumbai including Phoenix in lower parel, Mega Mall in Oshiwara, Globus at Kala Ghoda amongst others.

Monsoon Shopping!

So what’s your monsoon shopping pattern like? Do you look out for cute n charming umbrellas and windcheaters every year? Where do you go hunting? Girlie loves to hear all this! Do post it!


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