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Get in touch with your inner BITCH! June 9, 2010

No no girlie hasn’t gotten mean overnight or anything! Its just a tee that she saw and its quite funky and so she had to share it with you!

Tuesday Town Track!

So I was out and about again! I went everywhere in search of the cute n quirky and also on the look out for deals. And here’s what I found. I think you are gonna love it.

You know am planning to have several funds like the “Bora Bora vacation” fund then the “Designer outfit” fund amongst others and that means I need to get myself Pretty Piggy Banks first! I mean what fun is it to save in an ugly box anyway. If you wanna save then save in style! And yesterday when I stepped into Satyam Collections, Church gate (God knows I love this store!) they were having their Buy one get one Monsoon sale! So here’s what I picked up, 2 cute Piggy Banks! Well there’s more. Lots of beauty kits, accessories and gift items that you can get on this scheme so rush rush!

After my soiree at Westside and Satyam, I walked on to Churchgate and decided to give Asiatic a visit and here’s what I found!

Pretty Petal Paper Soap! From Asiatic

Pretty Petal Paper Soap! From Asiatic

Did you love any of the girly stuff you saw? Which one’s your favorite? Can’t wait to hear from ya! šŸ™‚


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