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It’s a Raincoat’s Responsibility June 15, 2010

– to protect me from the rain and the pain

– to save me from the thunder, to keep me warm and cozy and save me from blunder!

– to dress me and conceal me in every dress I wear whether its a churidar kurta, jeans, a skirt or a jumpsuit for all I care!

Ok am about to go off on a tangent here. Well, I understand that a raincoat has more responsibility than an umbrella. So it will be more expensive but that does not mean I will spend any amount on a raincoat. And I definitely wont especially when I know I will only wear it 4 months in a year and that I want a new one every year!

Sonya Vajifdar’s raincoats no matter how scintillating cost a whopping Rs 4000 and that’s the starting price. Would you buy? And lets be honest the women who would buy them would never step out of their car or carriage! So whose buying these good to look at from far raincoats! Iam bloody curious! Nevertheless ogle away girlies!

And if you do decide to break that purse fund and invest it on this. Here’s where to find them!  Embellished raincoats by Sonya Vajifdar, call 9322221434 or visit, Rs 4,000 onwards.

Why Sonia Vajifdar’s raincoats don’t rock the monsoon!

Well I’ll be a little more frank here. These raincoats are more like an outfit. I mean I need something that’s going to cover my outfit and not become an outfit in it self! Why? Well, here’s why. If I buy a raincoat worth Rs 4000 I will worry more about the raincoat and a raincoat is suppose to free you from worries. A rain coat is meant to protect and not be protected. Get the point?

P.S. While Sonya Vajifdar’s raincoats may rock the runway but they certainly dont make it worth the savings for a rainy day!


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