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Girlie Guide: Survive the Mumbai Monsoon! June 18, 2010

Rains sure have a way of making you come alive and feel all refreshed but when it really begins to  pour you want to ensure that you are geared up for disaster management! Well yes, that’s what its come to if you are living in the Maximum City of Mumbai. Besides getting yourself the right rain gear like a good raincoat and a big sized umbrella, there are several other things that will help you make it through the Mumbai Monsoon!

Shoes that get you places!

Come rain and you need to run to grab that sturdy pair of shoes (ofcourse! they must look good. Goes without saying right!) that take you everywhere. So whether they are knee high gum boots like the ones above from Tres Mode or cheap chic like these awesome red gladiators from Trios at Hill Road Bandra, get yourself a pair that you can rely on for those 4 months of Mumbai Monsoon Mayhem!

What’s a good monsoon without some hot and steamy beverages to keep you all snug? Get yourself a good blend of coffee maybe an exotic brand this time. And throw in some rich chocolate chip cookies and its the perfect way to enjoy the weather. Can it get any better now?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

No no you need not go out in the rain to buy it, simply order it online at and have it home delivered to your doorstep! Awesome eh?

Intimate Care, Oriflame (

Intimate Care, Oriflame (

Soothe your skin!

Cant imagine the havoc monsoon maybe wrecking on your skin? Its time to give your skin a break and treat it to some cleansing and care. Give yourself the goodness of Intimate care from Oriflame and feel the freshness!

Lock it!

Lock n Lock packets and containers

Lock n Lock packets and containers

From your make-up to your tiny netbook, they all can fit into lock n lock pouches. Seriously! So if you want to carry hot and healthy mummy’s home cooked food to work or even put your pen drive in small pouches and containers, a lock n lock is a reliable option you can count on! So whether you are hopping on to a train or getting of an auto rickshaw those water splashes wont do any harm to your prized possessions 🙂

Steam it up!

Steam Vaporizer

Steam Vaporizer

Feeling the chills? Need to relax and take in some steam? Do it at the comfort of your own home with your very own steam vaporizer.

The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella

You know what the best part of the monsoon is? 🙂 You can enjoy it not just outside on the beach, by the seaside but also at the comfort of your own home. Simply order some dvds online or buy your favorite ones that you have been wanting to watch for a long long time!

Mollycoddle yourself this monsoon!

Apart from all this, whatever your comfort food is, buy it now and store it with you. From your favourite biscuits to your cup noodles et al. And of course those mush movies and good reads, keep them all handy so when you get a break on the weekend to enjoy that cuppa cutting chai and enjoy the rain outside your window, you know you are in good hands 🙂

Have a Mollycoddle Monsoon ! 🙂


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