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CappuChica June 21, 2010

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

So what’s your poison? Tea or Coffee? I will be honest. I cant makeup my mind. You know somewhat like Julia Roberts in Runaway bride who doesn’t know the way she likes her eggs but then the difference is that she does figure out in the end but me I don’t. I still don’t know whether its tea or coffee for me. And I think its ok so long as I enjoy both! But I definitely crave for Coffee more but again that changes in the monsoon season when I want to have garam cutting adrak chai! With lots of adrak in it and a dash of elaichi too. Speaking of coffee, I have discovered some awesome Indian coffees that do it for me (you know what I mean, give me the adrenalin and keep me up for hours)! I mean these coffees seriously help me beat the grog in the morning and make me as fresh, peppy and pumped as a full blown cracker! You remember the Chipmunks in Alvin and the Chipmunks and what caffeine does to them. Well am a bit like that just that am a lot less shrieker. Sharing my coffee favorites with you!


This is a good ol favorite of mine again available at several places right from McDonald to major railway stations. At Rs 25/- you can expect to upbeat and alert for hours!

Fresh n Honest

Frothy, foamy n strong! I got hooked on to this one since I was in college. Well its nostalgic every time I grab a cup. Fresh n Honest is available at several places but I get my hot cuppa at Churchgate station usually for Rs 8/-

D’lecta CAF5

Iam totally loving this one! I discovered this at the baniya store next to G.D.Somani school in Cuffe Parade and now I spotted it being promoted and sold at Big Bazaar too. This one is like your train or plane coffe. It comes in a small kit with a stirrer, milk, sugar and coffee in small pouches and you can take it anywhere with  you! All you need is hot water and your cuppa is ready.

Then there are the other all time favourites I have like BRU, Nescafe, Melosa etc. How about you? Do you swear by your java? Which one?


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