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Krishna Bliss ! June 21, 2010

Krishna Bean Bag, Atmosphere Furnishings

Krishna Bean Bag, Atmosphere Furnishings

So I was down with the flu, well I still am. You know how those things come and they just linger on. A victim of prolonged sickness needless to say I have been more than feeling blue all these days. But some how my last few days have been a brighter shade of blue, if I can call it that! I have something to look forward to! Here’s what it is…

You know it was my husband’s birthday in April and I really wanted this bean bag for him from Atmosphere Furnishings and with all the other gifts I had planned out,  I somehow couldn’t fit this one in. Well, now I know life had its plans ! 🙂 Recently, Atmosphere Furnishings ran a contest on their FB page and I being the contest queen had to enter! Viola! I ended up winning it too 🙂 Can you believe it? I really cant get over it.

Now Iam completely convinced that when you want something so strongly for someone else, your wish is bound to come true. I get this beautiful bean bag delivered to my doorstep today! Iam so YAY! Iam so GAY! While you are ogling away at the bean bag, do visit their website and see all the other goodies they have to offer.

P.S. Wishes do come true! What are you wishing for today? 🙂


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