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Candyfloss. Glam. Gloss! June 24, 2010

Blame it on the weather or me being a hopeless romantic but I really cant wait to see these Bollywood movies hit the big screen. Could 2010 be clearly the year for Candyfloss flicks? I mean just look at the  line up. There is “I hate love stories” then there is “Aisha” and “Milenge Milenge.…” the list is endless.

We love Candy + Floss!

Girls and Candy Floss. The bond is old, long and strong. Its almost inseparable. Dont ask us why because you will never be convinced with our reply. We can cry our heart out watching romantic mush for hours and we’ll still tell you how we thought it was a great movie and that we’ll watch it with you all over again!  We love the emotion and exaggeration, the melodrama and meltdown, the love and longing and we can never get enough of it. We thrive on it! We love the gloss in these candy floss flicks. The clothes, the locations, the ott outfits of actresses on mountain tops in stark contrast with the existing weather locations. So here are the candyfloss flicks that Iam going to book way in advance for!


If its not for the two hotties (Abhay and Sonam) and the name of the movie, it would have to be for the fact that Sonam la dee dah Kapoor is playing the role of a wedding planner in the movie. Now, the story does become somewhat predictable but dont you wanna see the chemistry on screen when firebrand Sonam Kapoor is poised to perfection infront of our charming Abhay! Bring on the caramel popcorn and samosa, am not budging from the movie screen even for a minute.

I hate love stories!

Puneet Malhotra’s debut may or maynot set records straight at the box office but that doesnt take away from the fact that it has two young, aspiring, attractive and adorable onscreen couple Sonam and Imran saying the most cutsie and sweetsie nothings to each other! Iam hooked. Sonam + Imran = I wanna watch!

Milenge Milenge

Blast from the past this one is. If you loved the Shahid Kareena Jodi and still harbour a teeny weeny wish that they end up together, this movie might show you what the end result would look like. Now am not quite sure why the movie releases now and what the hype is about but am loving it! I dont want to let this chance go by to catch two of our most attractive, talented and young Bollywood rockstars romancing each other in an out and out hindi flick!


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