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Send her an angel! Right NOW. June 30, 2010

Heart Frame!


Toy Pillow!Cutsie Girl Gifts. So there’s always stuff that I see and I love and I want to share and here I go again! Cutsie things that you can pick and gift your girlfriends. A photo frame is something that’s never out of style, out of sight or mind. All you have to do is go and pick out that perfect picture memory of you and her, cut it to size and place it in this gorgeous frame!

Angels n Miracles! How we love an angel entering our life. They are always welcome. We could always do with an angelic figure so here goes, send your friend an angel she really needs from you now!

Cuddle n hug! You know how that hug is always such a healer. One big cuddle with the Teddy and your fluffy pillow at night and all your troubles are far behind. How about a Teddy cum pillow that she will never let out of her sight? Awesome eh? I swear, I could so get these gifts for myself right now but am going to take a deep breath and not be such a shoppaholic for once! But you know me 🙂


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