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BLOCK-ING IT. July 3, 2010

No blogging. No musings. No raving. No rantings. Last week has taken its toll on me. It was perhaps one of the most stressful weeks I have ever had as far as work is concerned. Demanding clients; extended deadlines, skipped meals, mounting stress. I haven’t had it very easy last week but then I cant complain as there were days which were so satisfying and rewarding with hoppity high’s and then there were deep lurking lingering low’s as well. With so much happening, no time to blog obviously but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have anything to say. There’s so much that I have to share that I don’t know where to begin. Well, I do know where to begin but am getting stuck. Yes. It’s the BLOCK. The writer’s block has arrived but I promise you its not here to stay. And I thought BLOCK-ING about it would be the best way to let it out.


Today, although a great start didn’t end quite as I expected. I was completely drained out mentally and physically and didn’t feel myself.  Battling the rain and glad that I wasn’t caught in the deluge but was disillusioned anyway. With  a long face and a perplexed mental state  I entered home with a soaking wet umbrella which is somewhat bruised today in the heavy downpour. As I was pottering around the house, I spotted these and I smiled 🙂 and I realized what the term “Flower Power” meant. I was a shiny happy person once again. Atleast for the time being I was…




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