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Sweet Surprizes. Refreshing Realism! July 4, 2010

I hate love stories!

I hate love stories!

“Iam loving it”

But I’ll be honest I was skeptical about this one. To give you the real deal I was not confident that Imran Khan will pull it off.  In my head I had written this movie off a long time ago although nothing would stop me from viewing it as its a love story and am a girlie girl and I must see it come what may. Sonam however I knew would do ok. But you know what when you see the movie, the duo is amazing! There is chemistry and spontaneity. So what’s the story about? No no no no no. Am not your regular movie reviewer and am not gonna give out the stuff. But the one thing I can vouch for is that its “REFRESHING” and however cliche it may sound but its “HATKE”. Like it really is “HATKE”. Look out for Imran Khan as he has just become more adorable (Nice clothes! btw) and if you thought he was as cute as a button in his first flick, you aint seen nothing yet. Sonam has grace and poise and looks like the gorgeous girl next door in every frame with a streak of endearing vulnerability to her. The two supporting characters of Sameer Soni and Sameer Dattani do also pull of their characters with elan.  While Sameer Soni does a fab job on being the OTT bollywood director on the lines of KJO who makes candyfloss movies; Sameer Dattani plays Simran aka Sonam Kapoor’s longstanding boyfriend-fiancee Raj. With several good laughs and real moments, the movie makes you one happy person when you come out! And if you ask me after the heavy week I have had last 7 days I seriously needed the good laughs and the mush lovey flick to help me feel better. All in all director Punit Malhotra has a reason to celebrate and throw a party whether his wife is pregnant or not! (To understand the joke do catch “I hate love stories” soon!)

@Imran Khan: You can safely get married now that you have yet another hit!

@Sonam Kapoor: Way to go girlie!

@Punit Malhotra: Thankyou for raising the bar of bollywood flicks recently. We were losing hope!


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