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A “Say” in your “Shoe” July 7, 2010

VERUSCHKA WOW!  Pic courtesy:

VERUSCHKA WOW! Pic courtesy:


I may have gulped down gallons of coffee but I sure know what am saying. Don’t read too much into the title, instead focus on what’s coming up! So remember how you dreamt about a shoe that was designed especially for you and just the way you want it to look, feel and even sound! Here’s your chance! VERUSCHKA SHOES are letting you tailor-make your heel, shape, color and size. I so love the sound of this! You know am one of those girls blessed/cursed with extraordinarily large feet (So is Deepika Padukone btw) and am more often than not frowning as designs that I love are not blessed/cursed with my feet. So this is really cool. Iam all gung ho about this event and you girlie?

Shoe it let’s do it!

By Appointment Only.

Contact: Off: O22 66152933
Anokhi: 9833780520.

P.S. Maybe all girls with large feet should get together and form a club or something and inform each other as soon as they spot shoes in their size and have a shoe support system read each time the other is depressed about not finding a shoe in their size.  Sounds good?


One Response to “A “Say” in your “Shoe””

  1. Naina Says:

    Hey GG,

    Thanks a tonne for all those tips the other day. I am going to hit them one by one. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know of a shoe-steal I managed to coup yesterday. Was meeting up with some friends at Inorbit and as usual, they decided to shoe-shop at Catwalk. There I managed to score a divine classic cream spiked heels for some 850 bucks flat! Apparently, its their sale season or something. Thought would ask you if it is indeed a steal or just another marketing gimmick for hapless souls like me. 😀

    On other notes, I have been on lookout for some decent tie-up oxfords for a while now. My earlier ones that I got from abroad are in tatters and I miss them. Do you have any idea where I can lay my hands on a pair without breaking the bank?

    Thanks a million. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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