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HIDE-design Husband July 8, 2010

Did I tell you that I won a Hidesign bag recently? I didn’t? Seriously? Well then it must be all the excitement and paranoia that followed and all the congratulatory messages that kept me busy and I must have completely forgotten about this one! So as usual I bagged myself a nice irresistible gift from Marie Claire Magazine which was  Hidesign bag worth Rs 4795/- Cool eh? Uber cool I say! The girls couldn’t believe it. My mother thought it was some pouch or something that came in but this one’s like a BAG BAG! Like a proper hand bag you can take to work with so many pockets for so much stuff you can keep! BTW Marie Claire Magazine has some awesome subscription gifts incase you wanna get the mag (Adidas and Satya Paul gifts up for grabs!!)

The Hidesign-Husband angle.

Now I happened to be with a client when this goodie came home and my husband kept telling me that this bag has arrived and he continued to ask me if I had bought it. And me with the no. of contests that I enter, I couldn’t remember how this one came home and kept asking him to check if it had come wrongly to my address. Infact I was prepared to return it until I saw the letter that came along with it. Indeed, I had won the bag! 🙂

Hubby Happy!

So my husband was as exhilarated as I was that I won the bag but I guess he was a tad more. Ever since I won the bag he has been sneakily pottering around it, fidgeting with the strap or zipping and unzipping the pockets, inspecting the bag from all angles. Aaaah. I think I know what he thinks. He is perhaps not convinced that the bag is genuine. As its worth a whopping 4795/-  But when I asked him why he did that? He said that he was doing a mere quality survey. Anyway I thought it was cute. He fiddling with my bag! 🙂 I kept telling him if it was a male Hidesign bag, it would be all his! 🙂

P.S. Keep up with Marie Claire India & Hidesign Bags on their websites! (Nice music)


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