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Drooling over diaries… July 13, 2010

Diaries & Journals (

Diaries & Journals (

Dear Diary

Ever since I was a child, I love diaries! Of all kinds. From simple small note pads to big organized planners, registers and secret diaries with lock and key to writing pads and note books. If it was stationery I was not far away from it. Perhaps it was one of the signs that my parents should have read and understood that I’d take a liking towards writing when I grow up. Anyway, they never did quite pick up the signs but destiny had its plan and I decided to take up writing! Boy! Am glad 🙂

Designer Travel Journal (

Designer Travel Journal (

The point is I always have diaries around me. They are either stashed away in my bedside drawer on at the back of my closet or in my stationery section. These may be used or unused or even half used and kept aside. Well am really fond of them! If there is one thing I pick up wherever I travel is diaries, letter writing stationery and more of that! Here is one of the pretty pink purse shaped diaries added to my collection besides the 2010 Grantas Writers Diary and another one that I picked up on Delhi airport sometime back.

Pink Purse Diary, CAC Napeansea Road

Pink Purse Diary, CAC Napeansea Road

Writing diaries?

Do you like diaries? And you have a secret one too? Where do you usually pick up your diaries? Girlie’s gotta know so do come back with your diary story and even stories that maybe in your diary 😉


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