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About June 20, 2009

Girly hour is about “girly stuff”

I love to shop (Like most girls do, some don’t).

I love to tell others where to shop. You know for all the weddings, parties, get-togethers am often recommending where to buy from or lending what I have. One day I decided to spread the shopping joy all the girl gangs of the world!

Shopping Stories (Me ranting away in a squeaky girly way)

“I love to shop (As I mentioned earlier too :). Infact sometimes I feel the book “Confessions of a Shoppaholic” is about me. It’s all about me. I love to buy not just jeans but lots of girly goodies you know. Like floral, flowy and flirty things. Swirling skirts, pink ribbons, dresses in all shapes and styles. I believe girls should ditch the jeans completely and get an all new avatar that makes them feel and look more girly. What do you think?”

Spend a girly hour

Girly hour will tell you where to get hold of the best chic and feminine clothing – for now we will focus on the Maximum City of Mumbai but as I get richer and travel more often, I will bring in a few countries and continents on board.

Gorgeous Girlie Guide

If you are looking to shop anywhere in Mumbai and need help/guidance/support/company email me and I will set you up on a shopping spree! I promise you won’t regret it.

Shop Happy!

Gorgeous Girlie


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Huma Says:

    hey there, i do all kinds of customised hampers & other goodies for every occasion….and hell yes girly hampers tooo ! contact me for more details :)! love ur blog xoxo

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Hi Huma! Good to know about your girly streak 😉 Iam keen to learn more about your girly hampers. Share some information with me on – Can’t wait to receive your mail ! And Happy New Year. Have a Girly one!

  2. indihues Says:

    hey loved ur visit and let me know if we can offer free consultation to your contest winners

  3. Divya Says:

    Just Around The Corner welcomes you to its online group on FB. The store houses funky clothing n accessories.
    If you are as crazy as we are, just hop on….!/group.php?gid=28955412051&ref=ts


  4. Manou Says:

    Hey girlie!!! You’ve got a good deal of significant information here. So if i want to shop…like most girls do..i would ask you for recommendations.

  5. swati Says:

    Hey girlie…Wanted to check if i can provide consultation on shoes??and shops in delhi???even wanted to link your blog to mine..

    Do advise


  6. niki Says:

    where can i get rain gum boots for cheap

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