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What’s in your bag baby? July 12, 2010

You know I wonder what you have in your bag there. Me? Oh I have like tons of stuff, some of it others find useful, some of it they find useless, all of which I find exciting! I do. I thought of all the stuff in my bag when I was passing the security test at Infiniti Mall this morning and it was being scanned. As my bag passed through the belt, I noticed the cop looking at the screen carefully and I felt he was a wee bit amused at all the things he spotted!

Its my bag and it has all the things that I am gonna need and I think am gonna need and there are also things which I almost never need but they are still in it as you never know right? So to give you an idea, there is a mini pink torch which no points for guessing I bought from the train. Gosh! They sell some practical stuff in there.

Pink n Powerful - Mini Torch

Pink n Powerful - Mini Torch

It’s practical yet its pink- goes in my bag and on girlyhour! It also has all my USB chords entangled with one another, they are inseparable. Then there are 2-3 diaries all of which serve a definite and different purpose ( a post on my diaries later) You are getting the type of stuff am referring to? How about you? What do you carry in your bag? Is it something crazy? Wild? Exciting? Pink? I have to know this. You gotta tell me like now!

Birthday Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! (Echo)

Birthday Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! (Echo)

Watta Wonder Week!

Yea! It seems that way; I mean the way the week began was with a bang! And I did manage to get my first birthday gift of this year. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! There it is, right on top! Running shoes from Reebok! (Ooh that rhymes!) You think they are cool enough? I love them. Well, they are very similar to the DKNY shoes I spotted only more comfortable and cheap. There are pink balloons floating all around me and my face is shining in a baby pink cloud as I write this; there is music and melody in the world; and am the most beautiful girl! Aah. Birthdays have a way of making me all mush πŸ™‚ Coming to the point! Here’s how my monday began!

Chatting. Chaat. Chicks.

An old friend, my first birthday gift, catching up with a girly pal, lots of chatting on the phone with friends, clients, meetings, sincere students doing their homework for a chance. It was a good day or a little better if I may say. I feel nice. Oh! Wait a min. I know what this is about. You know how am always saying about numerology and how all the nos that amount to no.3 are my lucky days – well there you go! Its 12th July! And I know what it was all happy! Its 12. 1 + 2 = 3 = LUCKY ME πŸ™‚

I bought me some bling from the train really gorgeous! Some beads, some fake gold. The joy in the these gold look alikes; well for clumsy, scatter brain sirens like me, all this works perfectly. I can forget it anywhere and not be all guilty. I can scratch it, break it or even throw it away if I please. A girl’s gotta have her choices right? Imagine being stuck with the same old boring gold bangle all the time. Yikes!

I also gobbled down some chatpata chaat for lunch (skipped the meal again! Oops! Iam so dead if family reads this) But what’s life without a little teekha in a day? πŸ™‚

Cute Comb Cleaner

Cute Comb Cleaner

Girl bonding! Comb Cleaning!

After doing some business in the burbs, I hopped onto a train back home and just when I was about to get off on my destination – station; a friend from the past, from college days appeared with a smiling face! πŸ™‚ I was glowing, gleaming and was delighted to say the least. You know I rarely get to hang and bond with my gal pals as all of them live so far away and I discovered she is right next door and we can totally hang out and dance n shout n go window shopping out n about! Ok, time to rewind a wee bit and pause. Before the friend surfaced in the train appeared yet another exotic – if I may use that word – product! A comb cleaner! πŸ™‚ Now I hate soaking the comb in the mug and going in the sun getting rid of the murk – so this comb cleaner at Rs 10 is god sent.

Monday is looking good and am optimistic that the week will be wonderful too! Here’s wishing you a fun, happy, loving and a beautiful and blessed week ahead. Ok that didnt sound like me at all! Happy raiding the sales! πŸ˜‰


HIDE-design Husband July 8, 2010

Did I tell you that I won a Hidesign bag recently? I didn’t? Seriously? Well then it must be all the excitement and paranoia that followed and all the congratulatory messages that kept me busy and I must have completely forgotten about this one! So as usual I bagged myself a nice irresistible gift from Marie Claire Magazine which wasΒ  Hidesign bag worth Rs 4795/- Cool eh? Uber cool I say! The girls couldn’t believe it. My mother thought it was some pouch or something that came in but this one’s like a BAG BAG! Like a proper hand bag you can take to work with so many pockets for so much stuff you can keep! BTW Marie Claire Magazine has some awesome subscription gifts incase you wanna get the mag (Adidas and Satya Paul gifts up for grabs!!)

The Hidesign-Husband angle.

Now I happened to be with a client when this goodie came home and my husband kept telling me that this bag has arrived and he continued to ask me if I had bought it. And me with the no. of contests that I enter, I couldn’t remember how this one came home and kept asking him to check if it had come wrongly to my address. Infact I was prepared to return it until I saw the letter that came along with it. Indeed, I had won the bag! πŸ™‚

Hubby Happy!

So my husband was as exhilarated as I was that I won the bag but I guess he was a tad more. Ever since I won the bag he has been sneakily pottering around it, fidgeting with the strap or zipping and unzipping the pockets, inspecting the bag from all angles. Aaaah. I think I know what he thinks. He is perhaps not convinced that the bag is genuine. As its worth a whopping 4795/-Β  But when I asked him why he did that? He said that he was doing a mere quality survey. Anyway I thought it was cute. He fiddling with my bag! πŸ™‚ I kept telling him if it was a male Hidesign bag, it would be all his! πŸ™‚

P.S. Keep up with Marie Claire India & Hidesign Bags on their websites! (Nice music)


Elle – July! Out on stands. July 7, 2010

Elle Magazine July Issue! NOW ON STANDS

Elle Magazine July Issue! NOW ON STANDS

Love the gorgeous and girlie girl Genelia Dsouza| Go catch her interview as she tells all in the July issue of Elle Magazine!



Birthday Bid June 1, 2010

GC Watches, Bella Class

GC Watches, Bella Class

Baby’s Big Birthday Plans.

Come Come! You too are a part of this ! πŸ™‚ So am planning to have this Birthday Bid this year. Well my birthday is a few months away but like I said, a girls gotta plan and prepare and plan well so she leaves nothing out. So I have a list which goes on and on but I think its pretty realistic. To start with I need running gear which includes shoes, tracks, socks, long and comfy tees not the tight body hugging ones. I want to run and feel free not get a free feel you know! Then there are these 3-4 different kind of white shirts that I need and I definitely want! One that I can wear to a meeting, the other like a frilly thing to go with skirts, another one slightly elegant and formal perhaps long and the last one like a backup for the office shirt, this one can be half sleeve. Then I need these belts. I have never had good luck with belts.

Nautanki by Carina Advani

Nautanki by Carina Advani

And the list goes on…

I also need one more laptop. I know I just got one but the way I use it, Iam afraid it may not be able to shoulder my burden. So this time it will be a pink WAIO most likely unless girlie gets a better deal someplace else. I still havent managed to get long skirts that I love to live in! You can just wear them anywhere you know. But smart ones not dowdy grandma skirts please. Boots remember? I still have them on my list. Oh! I need watches. I always end up buying a watch on my birthday so a watch is a must buy and new clutches for formal outfits and weddings that will follow soon after my birthday.

I also must do triple piercing in the ear, a tattoo and get myself a gold anklet completely ignoring the fact that Hindus should not wear gold in their feet. Is that true? Do you believe that?

How does the BIRTHDAY BID work?

Well, like an auction of sorts. I have all these things I want and whoever is willing to give it to me like a present will put up their hand and put the item on the board and I shall say “SOLD” with a big smile on my face! I know my concept (not really mine mine) is more like a gift registry thingy but what the hell.

I do have a whole lotta other stuff like movie dvds, coffee machine et al. But I’ll save that for another post. So tell me girlies what do you think of my BIRTHDAY BID IDEA (big smile and raised eye brows excited look)?


Birthday Bummed May 9, 2010

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

My birthdays are most important to me. They are more important to me than the elections, the budget, the IT returns and if I may say, even the war! If someone comes between me and my birthday than I can safely say they are not exactly friend material. I may not hold any thing against them but I will not make them part of my celebration that’s for sure. My birthdays to me mean my dreams. They are all the things I want to be and want to do. Not necessarily materialistic but they have to be beautiful. It’s the one day I expect everything that’s good, great, girly and larger than life. I do believe in living in the moment everyday and make the most of it but Birthdays should be bigger. Isn’t it why we celebrate them in the first place? And if you wanna be my birthday spoiler and don’t want to indulge me on my birthday, back off buddy. Sorry for the aggression but am kinda bummed today and yes because people didn’t respect my idea of my birthday and I can adjust and be silent and take all the stuff in the world and fight it without uttering a word but if you start to take my birthday a little less seriously than I do, boy oh boy! There’s hell to pay mister/miss/mrs, whoever you maybe. I feel a little miffed now but I know I will be back to being my bouncy self in a bit! You know what am going to go climb the loft and get my Hoola Hoop out! Its brand new and I have been waiting to use it. What a perfect way to cheer me?

Like my hoop and wanna get hoop happy? VisitΒ to get your own hoop!