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Sugary Sweets. Creamy Treats. July 9, 2010

Long Kurtas & Short Kurtis

Long Kurtas & Short Kurtis

It was regular rainy day in Mumbai when I had less work to do and was in mood to look all pretty, catch up with my girlfriends and just be! You know what I mean :)! I was leisurely walking down the Wodehouse road with an umbrella in one hand and my mobile in another when I looked at a pretty pink n white board that said “SUGAR”. A new store? What? When! I had to step in.

Spot it!

Nr. Colaba Post office, this store is in the interiors of Colaba, walking distance from Charagh Din Showroom. When did this come in? How did I not see this earlier? The name did it for me. It was a girly name. It was inviting and I had time on my hands. I started walking towards the store. I walked in. And I was mesmerized even more.

Charming Chappals

Charming Chappals

TOPSY-TURVY! All tops no pants. The place has a range of semi-casual, dressy, dainty tops with laces and pearls in pinks, peaches and whites. You know those dreamy outfits the Yashraj women are wearing on the ott farms, the lacey stuff, the feminine cuts, the free flowing fabrics. Get the drift?

An assortment of 20 designers stir up the recipe and make Sugar sweeter. Tops you can wear to dinners, dates, weddings of  mates et al.  Starting at Rs 1200/- I think you should consider their peasant tops and floral prints. They are particularly pretty and I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. You know what I also like here? Their clutches, which were not the usual in your face, bling bling designs, they were classier and subtle. Your mom can carry them and so can you.  A lot of outfits can also be part of your trousseau if you are not a very fussy bride. So there you have it! Looks like Sugar is a store am heading back to very soon. Aaah. My birthday isn’t far away and the store is hop-skip-jump from home! 🙂 I could get my birthday outfit at Sugar and it will turn out to be SuperSweet!

SUGAR, Colaba

SUGAR, Colaba


Latin Quarters @60% off July 4, 2010

Latin Quarters@60% off! Go Girlie Go!!!

Latin Quarters@60% off! Go Girlie Go!!!


“Mumbai Local” June 21, 2010

“You are fast and fun

When I really have to run !

You never say NO!

When am really on the GO!

Taxis & autos refuse and don’t entertain

While you accept everyone with open arms & take all the pain!”

You are a girls dream come true

With shopping, gossip and food all rolled into one!

If I didn’t have you, I would have nowhere to run!

From my exams during college days to job hunting and night stays!

You’ve been there all along and you just get better, faster and strong!

The moment you are on strike, we are all so blue!

Oh Mumbai Local! There never was and never will be a train as fast,  as FUN, as FANTASTIC as you! 🙂


Get in touch with your inner BITCH! June 9, 2010

No no girlie hasn’t gotten mean overnight or anything! Its just a tee that she saw and its quite funky and so she had to share it with you!

Tuesday Town Track!

So I was out and about again! I went everywhere in search of the cute n quirky and also on the look out for deals. And here’s what I found. I think you are gonna love it.

You know am planning to have several funds like the “Bora Bora vacation” fund then the “Designer outfit” fund amongst others and that means I need to get myself Pretty Piggy Banks first! I mean what fun is it to save in an ugly box anyway. If you wanna save then save in style! And yesterday when I stepped into Satyam Collections, Church gate (God knows I love this store!) they were having their Buy one get one Monsoon sale! So here’s what I picked up, 2 cute Piggy Banks! Well there’s more. Lots of beauty kits, accessories and gift items that you can get on this scheme so rush rush!

After my soiree at Westside and Satyam, I walked on to Churchgate and decided to give Asiatic a visit and here’s what I found!

Pretty Petal Paper Soap! From Asiatic

Pretty Petal Paper Soap! From Asiatic

Did you love any of the girly stuff you saw? Which one’s your favorite? Can’t wait to hear from ya! 🙂


Win a Head-To-Toe Makeover! May 21, 2010

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

I love makeovers! Oh come on. Look at the lives we lead. We are running to and fro. And then you have parties and weddings to go to where you need to look your best! Who cant do with a makeover and what’s best? You dont have to pay for it!

The dope!

Three lucky women will win a head-to-toe makeover from personal stylist and designer Varsha Bhawnani of Vinegar.

Here is what you stand to win:

– Designer garments created specially for you
– Personalised make-up
– Hair makeover at Jean Claude Biguine
– Win a chance to be featured on, India’s premiere fashion and lifestyle destination

Log on to for more!


Delicious in Denim ! May 3, 2010

My denim choos! (Not Jimmy Choos)

My denim choos! (Not Jimmy Choos)



Denim Drool!

I have always been a denim Diva. I remember having a few pairs of jeans when I was 4 or 5 or something. My mother got me a dress in denim stitched with some tennis rackets embroidered on it as a little girl. I also got myself a cool zipper denim shirt cum jacket when I was a teen and the list is endless. I think denim is tres chic. It gives you an edge. While going girly is great! Going girly + smart is very cool. I remember dressing up in a denim jeans and teaming it up with a matching denim jacket and getting quite a few eye balls and more to my look! Yea I was  smartie but I did have my phases of geek dressing for years too. What were you like as a teen? I’d love to hear your girlie stories.

On a denim note… The latest issue of Vogue says, “Denim is in” and if you watch the video on all the designers and stylists swear by denim this season. And if you have seen Deepika Padukone sizzle on the cover already, need I say more?

Do a Denim!

I can safely call my self a denim diva. I mean if its denim and its on the racks, I buy it. I need not think twice. Its like an Aamir Khan movie, you know its going to be good, intelligent and timeless. Its like idli dosa, you know its always safe to have it. Its like fixed deposit, you know you will get your returns….you know what I mean?

Dreamin Denim

I own everything in Denim! From a tube dress to a hot jump suit. Next on my Denim list? A distressed denim jeans…aaah! Can’t wait!

Mumbai’s Delighful Denim Places!

Adam + Eve, next to Petit school, Union Park, Bandra W,  Just Phat, Ambedkar Road, Bandra West, Globus (Bandra and KalaGhoda), Vama Peddar Road, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Cotton World, Aldo accessories 


Girl got herself a Geanie! :) April 1, 2010

Colaba Creature!

Iam a complete Colaba Creature! (Not a townie! I am not particularly for their kind) Well what does that mean? – It means that I love exploring the place. Even though I live here, the people and the things never fail to surprize me. And if you really want to make most of Colaba, hit the streets and not the high street stores (Although the latter are good too but the real flavour is never from the a/c and the gloss; its from all that’s not!). It’s here where you’ll find the real stuff, the true treasures, the vintage Mumbai (Bombay) and yes you can bargain away! So yesterday on my quest to quench my evening thirst and satiate my hunger (am the evening hungry kinds, i can’t eat those big breakfasts unless ofcourse if am at a five star hotel, then things are different or perhaps on holiday; oh am going on one soon! Yippe! But more on that later) I hopped into Cab asked him “Colaba”? and dashed off to the market. I got off at Wills Lifestyle nr. Colaba market and decided to do walk the street; it was 8.30pm already and some stores (the hi-fly ones) were shutting shop but the street vendors they were all gung ho as this is the time when all the women folk return from work and college and tuition and dates and come to their street store!


Will all my wishes come true?

In all that mayhem and heat, the people brushing against each other, tea vendors dashing away to with treys to meet their deadlines, I walked leisurely on the pavements of Colaba admiring the beads, the bling, the interesting and colorful array of junk jewellery that crowded the stalls. Guess what I spotted? Aladdin’s magic lamp! Isn’t that amazing? I dont know but there is something really mysterious and magical about owning that lamp. It takes you back to the fairy land and the first time you ever heard the story and how your marvelled at the geanie and the wishes!

I couldnt help but buy myself two lamps. One for a friend and one for someone special ! If you too think you are keen on the lamp, send me an email and I will tell you exactly the stall to get it from. The price? It’s cheaper than a movie ticket these days.

Magical Moment

I feel like something magical might happen. I feel luckier with that lamp in my home. I wonder where life will take me next ?:)