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HIDE-design Husband July 8, 2010

Did I tell you that I won a Hidesign bag recently? I didn’t? Seriously? Well then it must be all the excitement and paranoia that followed and all the congratulatory messages that kept me busy and I must have completely forgotten about this one! So as usual I bagged myself a nice irresistible gift from Marie Claire Magazine which was  Hidesign bag worth Rs 4795/- Cool eh? Uber cool I say! The girls couldn’t believe it. My mother thought it was some pouch or something that came in but this one’s like a BAG BAG! Like a proper hand bag you can take to work with so many pockets for so much stuff you can keep! BTW Marie Claire Magazine has some awesome subscription gifts incase you wanna get the mag (Adidas and Satya Paul gifts up for grabs!!)

The Hidesign-Husband angle.

Now I happened to be with a client when this goodie came home and my husband kept telling me that this bag has arrived and he continued to ask me if I had bought it. And me with the no. of contests that I enter, I couldn’t remember how this one came home and kept asking him to check if it had come wrongly to my address. Infact I was prepared to return it until I saw the letter that came along with it. Indeed, I had won the bag! 🙂

Hubby Happy!

So my husband was as exhilarated as I was that I won the bag but I guess he was a tad more. Ever since I won the bag he has been sneakily pottering around it, fidgeting with the strap or zipping and unzipping the pockets, inspecting the bag from all angles. Aaaah. I think I know what he thinks. He is perhaps not convinced that the bag is genuine. As its worth a whopping 4795/-  But when I asked him why he did that? He said that he was doing a mere quality survey. Anyway I thought it was cute. He fiddling with my bag! 🙂 I kept telling him if it was a male Hidesign bag, it would be all his! 🙂

P.S. Keep up with Marie Claire India & Hidesign Bags on their websites! (Nice music)


A “Say” in your “Shoe” July 7, 2010

VERUSCHKA WOW!  Pic courtesy:

VERUSCHKA WOW! Pic courtesy:


I may have gulped down gallons of coffee but I sure know what am saying. Don’t read too much into the title, instead focus on what’s coming up! So remember how you dreamt about a shoe that was designed especially for you and just the way you want it to look, feel and even sound! Here’s your chance! VERUSCHKA SHOES are letting you tailor-make your heel, shape, color and size. I so love the sound of this! You know am one of those girls blessed/cursed with extraordinarily large feet (So is Deepika Padukone btw) and am more often than not frowning as designs that I love are not blessed/cursed with my feet. So this is really cool. Iam all gung ho about this event and you girlie?

Shoe it let’s do it!

By Appointment Only.

Contact: Off: O22 66152933
Anokhi: 9833780520.

P.S. Maybe all girls with large feet should get together and form a club or something and inform each other as soon as they spot shoes in their size and have a shoe support system read each time the other is depressed about not finding a shoe in their size.  Sounds good?


Elle – July! Out on stands.

Elle Magazine July Issue! NOW ON STANDS

Elle Magazine July Issue! NOW ON STANDS

Love the gorgeous and girlie girl Genelia Dsouza| Go catch her interview as she tells all in the July issue of Elle Magazine!


Foot in mouth. Fluorescent Flats. Et al. July 6, 2010

Tres Mode Sale!

Tres Mode Sale!

Fluorescent Flats. Gorgeous Gladiators.

So I have the best job! I often get to start my day by reviewing malls and merchandise rather than entering cluttered cubicles. And so today was yet another day at the mall and it became even more special as I received a text on my phone saying “Tres Mode” 40% off! I immediately started thinking about the gladiators I lusted at on their window display and the fluorescent green flats….aah! I so needed the latter to brighten up my dull days and dowdy outfits. And somehow I made it to the store, tried a couple of pairs but I knew my eyes were set on that Neon green shoes. I had made up my mind about them a long time ago. There was no looking back. We were meant to be together. Without any guilt or after thought, I decided to take the plunge and thrilled with the 40% off I did it! Yup! I got them! 🙂 Hooopppie! It was definitely a SuperKICKshoestart to my day!

Edgy Evenings: When I shot my mouth off!

While my day kicked off on a good note, the evening had its moments when I decided to be the scatter brain self that I am. Tired and pooped after a hard day of work, I was on the mall crawl again with my darling dearest hubby aka my best friend aka life partner binging on burgers and holding hands and being mall rats et al. At the same time over 30% off my girly brain was preoccupied with work and so were 20% off my fingers which were busy texting away at light speed. I was supposed to share feedback on an employee my publication was hiring and I ended up messaging the feedback to the same person who was being hired instead of the manager. DAMN! Now, thankfully I didnt let myself go in the message and the content was suitable for children and adults alike. BOY! Iam crazyy. But this is certainly not the first time I’ve had a foot in my mouth. There have been several occasions and am supremely confident  that many more will follow.

Got your foot in your mouth? Do some “Damage Control.” While the situation is something that you cant always control, you can fix it by doing some DAMAGE CONTROL! Here’s how.

Shut up. Yup.. Right now. Don’t say anything. Beep!If you have spilled the beans, done the deed, spread the words and the joy with it, its time to zip up and seal your mouth right that minute; before you end up sounding guilty or causing some more harm, stick to the “Silence is golden” adage and you’ll most likely ease through the situation.

Diplomacy Dose. Now if you are someone who can think on their feet and turn a pumpkin into a beautiful Cinderella horse carriage only then should you attempt this one or steer clear completely. Think you can pour some sugar on the bitter banter, well then, good for you! Keep it simple, confident and effortless. Dont sound guilty or you will give it away. Be yourself, keep it real and sound like nothing ever happened and we are good to go! The “fake it” mantra can work here if you believe in it.

Girl Gossip. Did you have a “Foot in mouth” situation that was funny? hilarious? tragic? tormenting? unforgettable? Do you have a better way to deal with a foot in mouth situation? Something that’s worked for you or a friend? Girlie’s gotta find out! Post it here and let’s have some fun, make some new friends and get all girlie 🙂


BIG CHEER! S.Oliver is here! July 5, 2010

S.oliver opens up @Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai

S.oliver opens up @Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai

Vuvuzela everyone! No I don’t watch football but I do know about clothes and contests. So here you go! S.Oliver is all set to open up at Inorbit Mall Malad and if you wanna be on the VIP List all you have to do is “VUVUZELA” i.e. make some noise, be seen and be heard! Put up pics with you and your peeps and GET ACTIVE on their facebook S.Oliver India Fanpage and you could be winning yourself a goodie hamper and get a chance to make the grand entry at the inaugration. Sounds like a plan be part of? Get on FB LIKE NOW!


Waka Chica!

Get Game Gorgeous!

Rock stars are out! Sports stars are in. And if you cant get enough of the matches and the mayhem, you need to be geared up in style to catch the next game. Golmaal Stores present the World Cup Icons collection!

Wear n Waka Waka!

Consumed with the world cup craze and madness? Well then don’t just sit there and watch the match but do it in complete Sports fashionista style!

Get yourself in these quirky, smart and sporty outfits available at Golmaal stores at Lokhandwala Complex.  Watching sports just got cooler and more chic :). Iam loving them. You?

Game Gal Dress!

Game Gal Dress!

Sporty Red Dress

Sporty Red Dress

Get skirty!

Get skirty!


Latin Quarters @60% off July 4, 2010

Latin Quarters@60% off! Go Girlie Go!!!

Latin Quarters@60% off! Go Girlie Go!!!