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Dishy Delights. Swell Sights. July 13, 2010

Happy pictures make a HAPPY ME! 🙂

You know how you look at a color and your heart goes BOOM! A flower in your living room and you are all thrilled? A radiant rainbow and you feel your dreams are fulfilled? Pictures and colors have a way of making us happier than we think. I dont know if its color therapy but I definitely do know that these are some of the things, colors, sights that are making me all smiles 🙂 Hope they will do the same for you!

Shiny Happy Pictures.

My new rose ring, SPYRA - Phoenix Mills

My new rose ring, SPYRA - Phoenix Mills

Lovely Lovely! Accessories, Atria Mall

Lovely Lovely! Accessories, Atria Mall

SALE at SEGUE, Atria Mall

SALE at SEGUE, Atria Mall

Gorgeous Runner! Atmosphere Furnishings

Gorgeous Runner! Atmosphere Furnishings


THINK BOTTOMS! May 22, 2010

Enter your details and get a 15% discount@Allen Solly!

I love deals and discounts and especially if you can avail them online before hand you have a great reason to go to the store! Dont you think?

Allen Solly is giving away discounts on trousers for both men and women on trouses, khakis, corduroys and more. If its trousers, its discounted.

All you have to do is log on to and enter your details to receive your discount coupon on email!

It’s that simple! Really! And I just received my email. Yippey!


Sales: Shocks. Surprizes. Stocks. Scoop. January 21, 2010


Aaah sales ! The word sends girls into a tizzy. Its similar to the excitement and mad rush we feel when we have our first crush or a big gooey chocolaty brownie or when our bf/spouse surprizes us or when we get ourself a haircut or when SRK woos his girl and sweeps her off her feel awwwww- you know the feeling ? But but but ! Sales just means slashed rates. It may not mean the good stuff. I mean lets face it. How many  of us can leave our full time jobs (not me am a freelancer 😉 and get there on the first day of the sale at 10:00am in the morning to get hold of the best?  So there you go. We usually land there like on an evening when its the same kinda rush and angst like you see in Friends when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe queue up at a bridal wear store with a whistle remember! And its the same fish market when you head to a sale on a weekend. So what’s the big deal in a sale anyway? You still wanna know and go? I got the inside stuff:


Go grab the goodies. If you are a fan of the FCUK fit, no better time to pick up those jeans, dresses, tees etc. Whether its at VAMA, Shopperstop outlets or Palladium Mall at Lower Parel, FCUK sale is so worth the moolah.

Pantaloon sale

Looking for tees and cotton trousers? Attack ! Cotton trousers and cargos by RIG are 30% off and you can get them for almost Rs 599/- There are also dhoti pants, knee length cargos for grabs. Tee combos are available at Rs 399/- for 3 (Dont’ think and stop being stingy)

Biba and W Sale

So you thought you could get your hands on the best here for less? My verdict ? Its dull and drab. No sizes. All the not so happening stuff out there waiting to be picked up but no takers. After rummaging through racks and racks you feel you would have bought a fabric, designed it and given to your tailor for stitching and still got it for less.

Westside sale

Same sad story. Need accessories and bags? Go ahead. Kurtas and salwar kameez? Sure come along. However western stuff only if you are the opposite of size zero. Big sizes are available freely but small, xs and medium they dissappear. Can safely say Kareena won’t be seen shopping at a Westside sale !

Safe to say:

– Pantaloon  – thumbs up

– Chemistry sale – thumbs up

– AND sale – thumbs up

– FCUK sale – all thumbs up and salute !

Westside, Biba and Pantaloon – naaah !

P.S. Inorbit mall is about to go on sale as their anniversary is around the corner. Go ahead shop your heart out and remember what I told you about the sales, be there first or be ready to scour through dust !


Fly. Flash n look fab! November 18, 2009


Now that’s a deal alright! Iam sure there is a reason why boutiques are going all innovative with their shopping deals. Now the latest one I came across is a special offer from Global Desi. Flash  Flash your Jet Airways / Jet Lite boarding pass and get a Flat 10% Off on your Total Bill ! From 1st Nov to 31st Jan only.