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Surely Girly! July 15, 2010


SURE Deodorant

SURE Deodorant

Hey you! How are things? Wassup you busy city girl you? Loads of stress? Is the rain spoiling your mood or better still cheering you up! I wanna know! I wanna know! Write to me at and tell me how your day was and I promise to make it better 🙂 Ok here’s all the stuff I’ve been upto. I’ve been out and about as usual on the look out for girly things to see, shop, sniff!

Perfume Person OR Deodorant Damsel?

Now Iam a Deodorant person. I don’t know about you. Iam not so much of a perfume person. Well one of the reasons being perfumes leave stains on your stuff. Well I’ve had not so nice experiences with perfumes in the past. And if you are always in a rush you don’t want that perfume to leave all pretty patches on your clothes right? Well I definitely do want to have that special perfume and use it on big occasions but deos work for me. The bottles are non breakable. The nozzle is user-friendly (unlike a nozzle of the perfume that I was gifted that came off a bit too soon and now the perfume rests peacefully in the bottle and has become more of a display item lying in my drawer each time I open it) So make the deo user-friendly and all game. Big bottles are cool but breakables are not. Keep breakables at bay for girlie is always at play. I had been meaning to try SURE the one Miss Ghajini Girl Asin has been promoting off late? When you say SURE, it makes you think (I know it’s an irony. It shouldn’t make you think but it should make you feel sure.) But what I mean is that it makes you want to think about the product and how confidently it promotes itself. So I went ahead and got me a SURE roll on. I had no preconceived notions except I thought to myself that this better live upto itself expectations; and I think I can say that am happy with it.

SURE thing!

  • It’s non sticky.
  • It’s fragrant
  • It’s not the over powering fragrance but yet its nice and pleasant something you can wear to work or on a date.
  • What’s more the bottle is quite compact so it fits in your sling bag as well as your mobile pouch let alone your big office bag.

Girls like it when you are SURE.

So sure works for me. And what a coincidence! I met a girlie pal of mine today and she too bought the same thing yesterday. Hmm. I think Sure is not just working for me alone. Well girls have a knack of choosing something that promises them stability, a sure shot guarantee, commitment (guys get the message) and I guess Sure does have that promise too in its brand. And it delivers.