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Haircut horror. Varying Vendors. Gentle Girls. July 17, 2010

Morphy Richards Hair Dryer (

Morphy Richards Hair Dryer (

Hair cut horror

Hey! I gotta hair cut. How does it look? Oh! I basically got a trim, so not much of styling or anything but you know how we girls can get about haircuts. That reminds me am not so much of a hair cut person. Well I mean that I dont splurge on them at all. I do have a whole lotta girlie pals who do. Haircuts arer big in their part of the world and so are blow drys etc. I like the natural look though. Hey! I have a funny blow dry story about my friends but that later. Anyway, after I saw what the rains did to my hair I had to get out of churchgate station and get myself to a salon. Well, I did. And I was in just for a basic cut nothing too fancy and no change in the style as such. I think it was the first time I had  male cutting my hair. Now the things about males is that they are far from gentle. We feminine creatures are too soft for their rough and rugged touch. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t manhandle me or anything. Infact he chopped my locks just right and am happy with the end result; but the journey wasn’t smooth. My head was whisked back and forth as if he were hitting a ball with a golf stick! I swear! He also put his finger into my eye apart from ruffling my hair and feathers a little bit. Phew! Well here’s a piece of pink advice: Girls are gentle. They are soft and tender. HANDLE WITH CARE. Please. Don’t tug and pull. Avoid touching too hard or tweaking. And if you cant help it, go work on a guy’s hair, leave the pretty tresses alone!

Varying Vendors

Ok tell me something; do you go to the same salon again and again and to the same old hairstylist too? Well here’s my take. I feel that how can the same hairstylist give you a good change or a new look each time? I mean how can you be so sure that he/she knows what you want? And what if they dont get it right? My mantra is to try a different guy/girl each time, this way even if you are unhappy, there is no discomfort as you know you are only going to see them once. So its more like I don’t like any sorta consistency or stability with my hair stylists at such. Am game for something new and fresh. For I feel if there is a person who knows me too much and is trying too understand me too much may simply not enjoy cutting my hair! You know what I mean? Its more like pressure for the person. And cut them some slack, they are hair stylists not psychologists. Well, that’s the way I like it. How about you? What’s your haircut funda? And have you had like a big BAD HAIR CUT horror that you wanna talk about? C’mon it’ll be fun 😉

P.S. Why the pic? Well Gorgeous Girlie can get away with anything as long as she is girlie?  Isn’t it ? 😉


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