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Bazaar. Bling. Blah. January 29, 2010

Valentine’s day comes and goes. And before you know it you are back in the grind. The candles are fading out. The cake is almost over. The mood and the mush remains. Now if only you could have a little bit more of 14th feb. The balloons, the romantic sappy numbers, the movies and the kisses. I say make it a Valentine weekend; especially now that its falling on a Sunday.

What you should do for the weekend? For that, scroll down a little on my blog and look out for a post you called “Valentine Vows” (I wish there were a set of Valentine Vows that couples could say to each other very year. Wouldnt that be sweet? And if they boy forgot the vows, the girl could ask for anything and it must be granted. That would be so cool.) Need still more ideas? Grab his hand, work your girly charm and take him to Bazaar and Bling happening at Candies Bandra.  From designer wear to jewellery, gifts, party props, its all here. And you can buy each other gifts you really like (Although there are chances of you buying more things for yourself than for him) So go ahead, make the Valentine Weekend yet another reason to shop in style. Shop, hold hands, sip on coffee, whisper sweet nothings, awwwww it’ll be amazing, won’t it?

Here is the dope !

Saturday, February 13, 2010
11:00am – 9:00pm
Candies @ Mac Ronells
5AA Pali Hill, Near Learners Academy, Bandra

9 “Girlie” ways to woo him January 28, 2010


Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography

Pic courtesy: Shalini Rao Photography

Guys love girlie. They will make faces and sounds the moment you tell them you wana take them for a chic flick but no one enjoys a chic flick more than a guy does. Dont believe me? Ask him how they’d love to see “Sex and the city” today on a DVD, they’ll make a few hesitations and within minutes they will be game! It’s a put on so you don’t think they are sappy and sensitive but in their hearts of hearts, they’d give an arm and more to watch a chick flick. It’s a guy thing.

Dress girlie. Now that’s the trick. It means getting out of your comfort zone and getting into the frilly-willy feminine space. Bring out the chiffon and cotton, dig out your sphagettis and straps, knee-length outfits and shorter ones, gowns and skirts are all welcome. Short jump suits are uber cute too. Put on a hot pair of stilettos, dab your dream lip color and he will be drooling all over.

Pay a compliment. Say something sweet. Go out of the way to make him feel good and boost his ego. “You are so intelligent.” or “Wow! You fixed this” “That was so funny” ! It all works wonders. If you thought girls were a sucker for compliments, boys are not far behind. As usual, they just won’t admit it. But the moment you pay them one, they will be gloating for days!

Take him out. Boys asking girls out on a dates is passe. Although its not such a bad thing if your guy still does that but taking an initiative as a girl makes a guy feel good and surprizes him too. How about taking him to a place where he can scream loudly, have some beer and feel like your bud ! Man U the new club at Palladium, Phoenix Mills is  the hot new joint for Manchester United football fans. If you feel that’s not your cup of tea, take him out for dinner to his favourite place even if that means to an Udupi or his college canteen or the joint outside his school, do something out of the ordinary, get it ?

Bond with the babes. This time from his family. Make an effort to get to know his mom or sister. You don’t have to fall in love with them like you are with him but a little bit of chitter-chatter (we girls are great at PR aren’t we?) helps in getting them to like you and vice versa. What you get? Brownie points with you boy and he knows you are doing this for him. Viola!

 Lend a hand. Boys are busy or should we say messy? And they wont tell you if they need a hand. They want to believe they can do it all. You will have to snoop around to find out what he needs. Maybe his car needs some servicing or maybe his shelf could be better organized so he can find all that is in it but guess what all the work/studying and dating leaves him no time? Go lend a hand or when he isnt around, just get it done and make life a little easier for him. He will so value you in his life. Even if its adding his latest favourite album into his iPod, he will appreciate the gesture. Go do it now!

P.S. He kept borrowing my comb, so I got him a set of combs. He wanted those comfy towel chappals to walk around at home in and I knew he would never take the pains to get them himself so I went ahead and got them. He was touched. You know how we feel when we have been looking at that pair of ear-rings on the display and someone gets it for us ! Aaah!

Make the move. Aaah now have you heard that already for him? He’d love it if you made the move? If you took the initiative? If you went there and played first in the field than he did. He is used to being the one intiation the affection and action it but if you do it this time, it makes him want you more and more. Get the drift?

Smart Cook-ie. Old adages never fail us. The one you heard about the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Bang on! Now this is a dicy one especially if you are amongst the girls who can barely get yourselves to boil an egg, but if you really truly care for you partner, push yourself.  Break the schakles of “The Chick Can’t Cook” !

Print out his favourite recipes and try them out before the final day. What does he like? Cajun Chicken Lasagna or his mom’s favourite Sindhi Curry? Even if its 70% there, he will love the effort and pain you took to go through it all.

(I couldnt cook to save my life but I was in an LDR and I made him brownies and Fed exed them all the way to another city. He was speechless!)

Guy’s night out. Be a sport. Be a boy this time. Organize a guy’s party for him either at your/his or a friends place with beer, pizza and some sport and action packed movies. Let him know that you care that he has his “guy time”. And perhaps after sometime when they guy fun is winding down, you could spring a surprize on him by getting the girls over and having a big party!

Spoil him silly. He has spoilt you rotten. Now its time to switch roles. Feed him his lunch, pick him up before you go to the movies, get him his favourite ice cream flavour even before he asks, give him a nice relaxing head massage at the end of the day and make him the king for the day or week. Whatever he wants and he likes and its done. Trust me its the best and the guy will love you more.

You got your own girlie way to woo him that has worked wonders? All girlies would love to know. Come write, chip in! 🙂


Girlie Gossip !

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Remember how we all gossiped as little girls with one hand on the mouth as we giggled and a twinkle in the eye, those chinese whispers and murmuring into your girlfriends ear as a kid. Those good old care free days, whatever happened to them. It’s time to bring them back!

Rahul Mahajan (yes the child of controversy) is getting married on NDTV Goodtimes and there will be women lining up to prove their mettle to him. Remember how our Rakhi Sawant did it. Rahul Mahajan is next in line. And the youngest girl contender for the swayamvar is all of 19. Gosh! After Rakhi Rocking Sawant and Rahul Mad Mahajan, you know who should join next (My tummy tickles as I write this)  KRK !


Valentine Vows January 27, 2010


Why just wedding vows? How about valentine vows and promises? 14th February is around the corner. And St. Valentine has a way of igniting that excitement in us from weeks before.

So here Iam thinking of something special that I want to do for my better half. Well am not exactly the full on mush type but I do look at the day as yet another celebration of love although Iam pretty sure its not the only day where you room, clothes, your hair must look pink and you must eat and think pink and live pink and paint the town pink ! Pain the town pink (Would that be so bad?)

So as I scratch my head to get a few ideas, I have some fun ones to share with you. All set with your pink pen with a feather cap and note pad? Here goes:

Take off: The idea is to switch off your mobile phones, put on your seat belts (car or plane whatever time or budget permits) and go off to a destination. If you are  Mumbai resident, Madh island, Manori, Alibaug, Lonavla, Panchgani are some of the beautiful places you can choose to be at with your beloved. Just you and him cozying up with the weather, the sun and the sand …. oh its gonna be awesome!

Look up travel websites for weekend getaway plans or dial your family travel agent and he will fix you two good!

Day-Date: Dial your boss and his and tell you guys are sick (Its valentines day and obviously you are not! But take your chance!) Now make sure you plan this stuff well in advance so you are ready with a breakfast in bed plan, some dvd’s you can catch up with or better still head to a matinee show and get some great brunch at your favourite restaurant nearby. In the afternoon do a movie marathon back to back at a multiplex. Your spouse not so much of a movie goer? Surprize them with spa treatments instead. We all can do with a little bit of relaxation and therapy now right? For the evening, take a walk on the beach, the sea side or a garden and just talk, hold hands, cuddle up, catch up – a beautiful end to a memorable day!

Mall Rats!

Be mall rats on Valentines day! Head to good malls in your city and take time off in the mall to go and buy presents for each other. Return in an hour and meet at the food court as you unwrap the presents and enjoy some coffee, cake or whatever else that you both love munching and sipping on together. Many malls have amazing Valentine events, contests, do enter (Gorgeous Girlie sends you all her luck!)

Gifts are good. But the real gifts are eternal ones.

Focus on love, time, things you say to each other rather than giving and expecting materialistic gifts from each other. Save your anniversaries and birthdays for jewellery, watches, gadgets, fancy outfits etc. Let this day be about love. About stories you write to each other, albums you flip together, memories you cherish and the new vows you make together and am sure you will Wow your Valentine like never before!

Have a Happy Happy Valentines Day !


P.S. Don’t expect. Give more. Try not to live up to the hype, try being in love instead. Feel it. Don’t fake it.


Ranbir calling Ranbir January 26, 2010

Pic courtesy: Karthik Calling Karthik on Facebook

Pic courtesy: Karthik Calling Karthik on Facebook

Yeah ! Let’s call him and tell him that the girl he dumped has turned out to be a sizziling hot damsel. Miss Deepika Padukone looks astoundingly fresh and rearing to go in her latest flick Karthik Calling Karthik. Forgive the height, forget the lean figure, let go of the hair, leave alone her clothes, did you see the attitude? That million dollar smile? The smooth moves? Gosh am so happy for her. Go girlie Go!

That apart. B:Blunt (Adhuna and Osh Bhabhani’s team) have done a super fab job of her hair. I mean its an all new look. Its shorter, its better, it makes her face look fuller and she looks younger. Too much I say. Look out for Miss Padukone this year because just when you thought she was out and “kal” after love aaj aur “kal” she seems to be ruffling quite a few feathers and turning a lot of heads. I give a big thumbs up for her oozing sex appeal in Karthik calling Karthik. Can’t wait although the movie release is still exactly a month away from today! Go Dippy!


Train Trinkets January 25, 2010

No its not train shaped trinkets that am talking about (although they would be cute too) am talking about me travelling often in the train these days and what that does to me. Well just like a boy/man has an eye of a hunter and will sense the presence of a woman even she is 100 feet in the vicinity(actually from far far away), I have started to shop and have scouted a mini market of sorts in the train.

Girlie goes gaga !

(I have the oops shrugged my shoulders and cant help it expression on my face right now) Well shopping is what I do and what I like so if its right there staring in your face in a Mumbai Local Train compartment, there is no way out.)

Its like your destination is an hour away and every station there are guys and gals with their display trays and there is everything from stationery to comb sets, junk jewellery to clutches, clips, hair bands, magazines, kurtis and even sandles ! (Damn today the sandle woman turned up as I my station was approaching and I was all piled up with bags on both sides (Yea if you spot a girl at Churchgate station with bags on both sides a coffee in one hand and a mobile in another that’s me cooleeeing off in the city) so I couldn’t really see and sample the stuff but anyway perhaps the next time.)

And believe you me some of the things are as happening as your local junk jewellery retailer so don’t you give me that l.s. stare as you read this. Mumbai trains are fast, fun and fabulous for frequent shoppers like me, they are filled with little surprizes every day. I wonder what I will see next? Lingerie? err dresses? Skirts perhaps? Leggings? And then they can have a train loyalty shopping card for frequent shoppers you know like they have a gift shop in flights. Gosh I need to stop.


Koko Boho!


Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

Have you ever thought Konkona Sen Sharma is pretty? I always thought she has a boho babe look = the next door girl with beautiful Indian features. I guess it also has a lot to do with the roles she has played. From the latest one in Wake up Sid to her popular Page 3 journo girl role, all of them require her to look like the simple girl in the big bad world trying to make a name for herself. I quite like the way she turns up for award functions, very traditional, very Bong (if I may say that) from her bling to her hair and the easy going attitude, Iam convinced she will go places. Ermm. Isn’t she already? Coming back to her style sense. She maybe looking simple and sraight forward in her movies but even outside (At functions or parties or even public places) her look is the same. She mixes n matches and sticks to the basics, no wonder she connects with the masses. And now that her movie is releasing around the corner called Atithi tum kab jaoge (Super title! I swear you want to say that so many guests that just come and never wanna leave. Gosh!) Konkona sweetie we wish you all the luck in the world !