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Jewellery Joy! February 27, 2010

I derive a lot of joy from jewellery (most women do, don’t they?) But am not much into real gold, silver or jadau stuff or even diamonds, ok maybe silver. Iam more into trinkety stuff, the blings that available at Swarowski or even artificial, costume and quirk stuff. Give me diamonds and am bored, but give me a pair of bold, big and beautiful danglers (real, artificial, costume whatever) and am delighted !

Speaking of bling, Bombay Electric at Colaba is showcasing Underground Jewels from 2nd to 6th March. Designers include Meenakshi Dash,  Martinaa New and Fanny Boucher. Iam quite intrigued by the pictures I saw and am surely going to go and do some sampling. Maybe I will run into you there then? Chow.


You know what…

Aaah. Oh so often, all our sentences begin with “You know what…”. It’s mostly when we are jabbering away and we have a lot to say. It’s also when we are at play and with our girlfriends close and boyfriends at bay. It’s when we want to endlessly vent and gossip, crib and cry and just say everything we want and we don’t want. Ok this is going somwhere, trust me. I have a point to make and if you a wee bit patience, you will allow me.

 Just the other day, I was at Inox to pick up my movie tickets and two girlies were yacking away right behind me. You yack all you want. Iam all for yacking but please don’t say this in a movie queue that “Can I tell you the story of “Kartik Calling Kartik”? when someone is buying tickets for it and the movie hasnt released as yet (Why girlie why?). I mean get a hold on your girlie tongue for godssake! (I wonder if Farhan Akhtar would term this as piracy? Ok Never mind.) I felt aaaaarrrrgggh. I thought to myself, we girlies sometimes need to know where to draw the line on yapping. Where to talk and where to keep mum, its not easy you know but it surely can be developed with practice. All you need is a good intent! (You agree?)

Silence is strength. Talking is trouble.

Whether it comes to keeping a secret or spilling the beans about a movie, we need to zip that trap and keep “shush”. Well, I did see the movie two days later and it was about what the girlie said (hallucination and schizophrenia) but thanks to the direction and performances, I was glued to the end and guess what you story revealer “It didn’t matter”.

P.S. Go see the movie for the chills, thrills and frills too (Deepika’s clothes are awesome and they are available at Shopper Stop outlets. They are really chic I say!) As for Farhan, he is always a treat to watch!


Bling-a-ling February 26, 2010

Attention! Brides to be and their mothers, relatives, friends, foes, fiancees etc. If you are about tie the knot and very little time is all you’ve got then you should head to Four Seasons next week to sample some jewellery for your trousseau. Well, I went to this exhibition last year and I quite liked all the jewellery showcased heret (atleast most of it). While majority of the pieces where elaborate and heavy, there were also the light and exquisitely designed bracelets and pendants along with some costume jewellery that you can just try and buy on the spot. So yeah! Take your mil (mother in law) and your cousins, sister-inlaws and all the girlies you’ve got to a fabulous girly hour at Four seasons Worli from 5th to 7th March, between 11am to 7pm.

P.S. The staff is extremely warm and friendly at the event. No one’s going to hard sell or crowd you. So, take your time and enjoy the exuberance and elegance of fine jewellery!



Kiss me quick !

When I was a little girl, I had a beautiful book given to me by my mom (I had so many story books as a child that I need to thank my mom and give her a big hug for that. You name a fairytale and I had it) and it was called “The Princess and the frog”. I remember reading it very often as more than the story I quite liked the colorful images of the beautiful princess, the innocent frog and how he turned into a Prince. It was very exciting for me as a little girl to read the book, flip the pages again and again and marvel at the interesting tale (never wondered what it would mean to me when I grew up), the pretty pictures etc. And now that am all grown up, I get to be a little girl once again – as The Princess and The Frog is releasing at a theater near me! 🙂

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

It’s truly magical time for us girls. The Princess and The Frog is releasing and so is Alice in Wonderland (Please don’t be corny and say who the beep is Alice) – Gosh! We are on fire! What else? It’s Holi time too and I hope there is a splash of brightness and beauty in your world..!

P.S. Remember how most of us got titles on the farewell night at school? You want to know what I got? “Alice in Wonderland” ! 🙂


Time out guys! February 25, 2010

Yes that’s what you will be saying once you have the power of Time out Lifestyle Card. Iam a sucker for cards. I may have mentioned in one of my posts how I am the member of almost all the loyalty cards that perhaps exist. Is that loyal? To be loyal to more than one shopping brand? Its not loyalty then right? Well, all I can say is, to hell with loyalty, you get the points and you get to shop more and that’s what we really care about don’t we?

Timeout Mumbai is launching its Time out India Lifestyle Card with the cast of Teen Patti (the new AB movie)

The dope!

Tuesday March 2nd between 4-6 pm at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Race Course, Mahalaxmi


Go girly go: Shruthi Hassan


Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan

I love adventurous women. They inspire me. The give me the adrenalin rush (ok it’s not like you think) but they do. Iam motivated. Iam all charged up! I want to be them. Whether its Sunita Williams in space or Erin Brokowich on land fighting for water, I love them. I adore them. Iam all “go girly go” for them.

I recently heard about the pretty damsel Shruthi (Shru – thee) Hassan and all that she was upto (seriously this is way up there believe me) and I had to share it with all of you. Miss Hassan the action loving and adventurous girl that she is was shooting on the 3oth floor of a Mumbai high rise and decided to step right on the edge with her six inches heels on ! (Whoa!)

Is that brave or outright foolish? I have to give it to Shruthi (Shru – thee) this time. Just thinking and imagining the incident gave me an adrenalin rush and a chill through my spin. Wondering what it was really like?


Knotty is nice.

You know it’s pretty awesome to get married these days. Why? Not because its easier to split up and no one remembers because every other person you know is calling it quits!  Because there is a whole lot of exciting pre-wedding stuff that you get to do (especially the girls) there are all these events and exhibitions with wine tasting and champagne and coffee on the house and you just get to scoop out the socialite in you as you show up with your LV’s or fake Lv’s or LV look alike bags. (Ok am not exactly LV obsessed but the entire world is and I cant seem to get the point)

Bump into brides!

You get to see the moody brides (How moody? Oh trust me you would never be like that even its your worst PMS, turst me) the whimsical ones, the early brides who are planning two years in advance and the ones who are getting married in two days and dont have an outfit (I really admire their calm and composure)

Basically, if you are tying the knot in 2010, you have lots of options and choices. There are fairs and events 365 days a year to keep you interested, looking and choosing. One such event is coming up and you should try and get yourself to go there with your girlies !

The dope!

Dio’s at Tardeo right next to the famous Sardar Pavbhaji, close to Cr1 Mall

It’s a preview of Vivaah showcasing exquisite wedding decor with wine & cocktails. 6pm onwards – today ! RSVP 6744 6969